Ontario Travel


Ontario is the most populous state in Canada, situated in a demographically convenient region. It is surrounded by the United States to the south, the state of Quebec and Manitoba to its east and west respectively. Ontario being the second largest province of the country contains the official capital Ottawa as well the State’s own capital Toronto. Due to the presence of immense natural beauty and all the facilities of a modern city, Ontario is the first choice for travellers who are eager to visit Canada for a vacation. Ontario State is also the home of the other part of the Niagara Falls, the largest waterfall in the world.

Other places of attraction include the city of Burlington, which is a popular destination for the tourists in the as well as Kingston, which is famous for its rich historical background and natural beauty.


One of the many reasons for the preference of tourists to visit Ontario is the diverse languages that are spoken throughout the entire State. English is used as the main language to communicate in terms of official purposes, shopping malls, restaurants and other places. However, French is practised widely throughout the state as the second main provincial language. It is possible to find shops, businesses and government organization using both the languages distinctively in Ontario. Another language that is significantly used in considerable number of shops in some parts of Ontario is Chinese. Some of the bank services are offered in the particular language in the major cities like Toronto and Ottawa.

How to get to Ontario

A number of options are available for the tourists to reach this wonderful state of Canada. Air travel is the best option for the international tourists travelling to Ontario. A number of airports are present for the convenience of the travellers that include the B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, which is a major hub for all the carriers travelling to and from all the various destinations across Canada. Other airports within the State include the Ottawa Valley in Ottawa and Thunder Bay international Airport. Ontario is also easily reachable by a number of modes of transports such as cars, boats, buses or trains. For the tourists travelling to various destinations within the State as well the tourists travelling from various places of the United States, these transports are most convenient and pleasurable for a wonderful experience of the natural wonders of Ontario.