Oklahoma Tourist Attractions

Oklahoma Tourist Attractions

Oklahoma is known as ‘the Sooner state’ in United States of America. It is considered to be situated in the south of the United States, but the fact is it is typically in the Southwest. It is highly influenced by the South American culture. It is also highly known for its arts and theater festivals. The fastest developing state in the United States is now becoming the biggest tourist attraction of the country. For all the Jazz fans this is the place where you want to be. It has a very prolific jazz culture in the state.

The people in Oklahoma are known to be having the typical southern hospitality. It is considered to be the 4th most generous culture in America. If you want to visit Oklahoma then here are the top 5 locations which you would like to go to in the state.

Top 5 Locations of Oklahoma

Oklahoma has some of the most beautiful resorts and amusement parks which you can visit when you are on a trip there. As it’s known for its theatrical culture therefore you can be rest assured that you will be getting lot of locations which will be having the theme which are a little theatrical. Here are the top 5 locations which you need to visit in Oklahoma.

World’s Largest Praying Hands

Here you will find the world’s largest praying hands. This is placed in Tulsa. This is the largest bronze sculpture in the world. This amazing piece of art is approximately 60 feet tall and 30 tons heavy. The originally name of the largest hands was initially ‘The Healing Hands’. This beautiful piece of art stands in front of the ‘City of Faith’. This is a medical center which has devoted itself for faith healing all the people who come to the city. This property is owned by Robert Orals.

Oral Roberts Prayer Towers

It is the ideal place for those who are seeking spiritual realization.  The Oral Roberts Prayer tower is the magnet where all the spiritual people gather to experience the mesmerizing effect of the prayers there. The beauty of the tower is everyone gets to gather at the same tower. When asked the reason Oral’s son Richard stated that ‘there is no second class for god!’ The tower is designed in the shape of a 20th century cross. The best part about the prayer is anyone can request for a particular prayer.  

OK County 66

OK County 66 is located in Arcadia. The attraction is themed after the Route 66. This was a creative park which was designed by John Hargrove. He was an airplane and bus mechanic. There are many cranky dispositions in this park where you feel like you are on Route 66. Once you are down to this place you are bound to enjoy the last second of your stay here.

Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World

This place is the World champion of the Cow Chip Throw. Beaver is the proud host of this place since 1994. You are greeted by King Cow Chip who is a dried bovine fecal who wears a tilted crown. You are allowed inside without you having to shell out any money.

The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is situated right next to the Noah’s Ark in Catoosa. This was done by Hugh Davis who made this 80 foot long blue whale to surprise his wife Zelta. They both worked in the Tulsa Zoo. He made this master piece in 1970 which later became the center of attraction to visitors of Nature’s Acres. He has placed this blue whale in the pond which was there in their property. You can still go there and have a picnic around the smiling Blue Whale.

Oklahoma Featured Attractions

Oklahoma Featured Attraction Name Address
The Blue Whale

Catoosa, Oklahoma

Oral Roberts Prayer Tower Tulsa, Oklahoma
World's Largest Praying Hands Tulsa, Oklahoma
OK County 66 Arcadia, Oklahoma
Cow Chip Throwing Capital of the World Beaver, Oklahoma