Oklahoma Things to Do

Oklahoma Things to Do

Oklahoma is known to be the Sooner State of USA. It is located in the south central part of the USA. It is the 46th state which joined the Union. It was basically formed by the merging of the Oklahoma Territory and Indiana Territory. The state has a beautiful range of mountain ranges and forests. The beauty of the state is the culture of the locals. There are about 25 different languages which are spoken in this state. As it is situated between the Great Plains and the Ozark Plateau, it has a steady slope extending from the west side of the state to the southeastern side.

Things to Do in Oklahoma

The culture in the state is versatile and is diversified. There is a mix of culture which is observed in the state. This also gives way to the different styles of art and architecture. Oklahoma City which is the largest city and also the capital of the state is known to be very colorful round the clock. Here is a list of all the activities which one can do when in the Sooner State.

Arbuckle Mountains

These mountain passes are the best place for you if you are a nature lover. The weather of the state is pleasant most of the times. The warm sunny days are very beautiful which will make you feel enthusiastic about the trip. Some of the important locations which you don’t want to miss when going to the Arbuckle Country are the Turner Falls Park and Chickashaw National Recreation Area. Arbuckle Mountains are considered to be one of the oldest mountains present in the world. The Turner Falls Park is the most visited part of these mountains. The water which comes from the falls is clear water. Chickshaw National Recreation Area is a few miles away from the falls which is another location of peace and tranquility.

Oklahoma Boat Tours

There are many lakes which are there in the Oklahoma state. One of the most popular lakes being Grand Lakes O’the Cherokees; it is the first option of everyone to have a boat tour there. Another boat tour you can go for is the Oklahoma River tour in Oklahoma City.  You can go in river cruises which will take you along the river for an amazing 90 minutes experience. You are pampered by on board dinning and cocktails when you travel on these cruises.

Cowboy Entertainment

Thanks to the Indiana culture which mixes itself with the state, there is a lot of western influence on the state. The cowboy entertainment is also an aspect of the state. Some of the shows which are presented by these expert cowboys are listed below,

  • Rodeo Opry(Oklahoma City)
  • Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show (Pawnee)
  • Saturday Gunfights, Guthire
  • Discoveryland’s Oklahoma (Sand Springs)

Oklahoma Animal Attractions

The zoos which are there in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa are very well known round the globe. The natural presentation of the zoos gives you a close counter experience with the animals. All the animal lovers, these are a must watch if you are in Oklahoma. You are going to come back with some amazing memories after visiting these wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the best locations are:

  • Tiger Safari Inc. is located in Tuttle. It is the hub of some of the most exotic animals. Some of these rare species are being breed in these sanctuaries saving them from extinction. The park is approximately 45 acres big.

  • Little River Zoo is another park which is known for its collection of beautiful animals. This is bigger than the Tiger Safari Inc., stretching on an amazing 60 acre land. It is situated near the Lake Thunderbird and has more than 400 different animals in it. It was founded by Safari’s Interactive Animal Sanctuary in Broken Arrow in the year 1995.

Stretching nearly 400 acres, Arbuckle Wilderness is the largest animal theme park which is located in Davis. There are many exotic breeds which are left to roam around freely in the area. What makes this wilderness more special is the accommodation which is provided inside the sanctuary. There are log cabins and cottages which you can rent and stay overnight.