Ohio Travel Guide

Ohio Travel Guide

Ohio – the Midwestern state of US is home to major professional sports teams in baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. The climate is moderately continental throughout the year. Ohio is also known as “Mother of Presidents” as seven of its native sons went to the White House and incidentally all the seven were republicans. Ohio was a channel between Northeast and Midwest for the passage of cargo and business traffic which led to its economic growth and expansion. Ohio contributed more soldiers to the Civil War than any other state in the Union. The Ohio River was a good navigational link for troop and supply movements.

Ohio Official Language(s) None. (English, de facto)
Ohio Demonym Ohioan; Buckeye (colloq.)
Ohio Capital Columbus
Ohio Largest City Columbus
Ohio Largest Metro Area Greater Cleveland, Greater Cincinnati
Ohio Area  Ranked 34th in the US
 - Total 44,825 sq mi
(116,096 km2)
 - Width 220 miles (355 km)
 - Length 220 miles (355 km)
 - % water 8.7
 - Latitude 38° 24′ N to 41° 59′ N
 - Longitude 80° 31′ W to 84° 49′ W
Ohio Population  Ranked 7th in the US
 - Total 11,542,645 (2009 est.)
- Density 256.2/sq mi  (98.9/km2)
Ranked 9th in the US
Ohio Elevation  
 - Highest Point Campbell Hill
1,550 ft  (472 m)
 - Mean 853 ft  (260 m)
 - Lowest Point Ohio River
455 ft  (139 m)
Ohio Before Statehood Northwest Territory
Ohio Admission to Union  March 1, 1803 (17th,
declared retroactively on
August 7, 1953)
Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (D)
Ohio Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher (D)
Ohio Legislature General Assembly
 - Upper House Senate
 - Lower House House of Representatives
U.S. Senators George V. Voinovich (R)
Sherrod Brown (D)
U.S. House Delegation 10 Democrats, 8 Republicans
Ohio Time Zone Eastern: UTC-5/-4
Ohio Abbreviations OH US-OH
Ohio Website http://www.ohio.gov

Ohio Travel Guide: A Brief History

Archeological evidence suggests that Ohio was inhabited by mound builders during prehistoric times. Ohio Company of Associates, the first permanent American settlement in the Old Northwest was involved with the development of Ohio under the provisions of the Ordinance of 1787. Ohio was the stage for penetration of confederate forces during Civil War. The raid of John Hunt Morgan which terrorized people of the countryside was carried out in the southeast corner of the state. After the Civil War development of petroleum industry in NE Ohio, trading activity shifted from Ohio River to shores of Lake Erie. Owing to the abundance of natural resources Ohio’s industrial growth was in leaps in bounds especially in iron ore, timber, coal, natural gas, and oil. After the collapse of automobile, steel and coal industries during the 70s and 80s, Ohio expanded its economy into service sector. Site Selection magazine has ranked Ohio fourth in the country for best business climate. Cleveland Clinic, one of the premier medical institutions was founded in 1921.

Ohio Travel Guide: Things to See and Do

Bob Evans Farm Homestead Museum presents the background of Bob Evans, Inc., along with the history of the Homestead and Gallia County. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium located along the banks of Scioto River contain naturalistic wildlife habitats that include an endangered manatee’s exhibit, gardens, picnic areas, recreational facilities and a golf course. Ohio boasts of amusement parks such as Paramount’s Kings Island and Cedar Point. For the tourist with an archeological bent of mind the place offers prehistoric mounds near Columbus. For art buffs the Cleveland Museum of Art offers medieval art from Europe and Asia and American art. Cleveland’s Rock n Roll Hall of Museum designed by I. M. Pei where the history of popular music is spread over six floors featuring such rarities as the manuscript of “Purple Haze” written by Jimi Hendrix and the “The Psychedilic Porsche”, as sung by Janis Joplin. Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory inCincinnati houses plant species from various corners of the globe. Hunters can test their skills at White Oak Hunting Preserve where white tail deer, Russian Boar, fallow deer, elk, ram and buffalo are available. For the daring Ohio’s State Reformatory in Mansfield offers overnight Ghost Hunts in the old prison.