Ohio Destinations

Ohio Destinations

Ohio Destinations – The Heart of All

Ohio General Introduction

Ohio is a state in the U.S situated in the Midwest region. It is said to be the 35th largest in size and 7th largest in population. It is nicknamed as “The Heart of It All”, because of its shape that is like a heart. Ohio Destination has always been playing a critical role in the development of the U.S and is still continuing to do the same in both the area’s History and Government. Ohio is also very famous as it is said to be the home state for 8 Presidents of US and is popularly called as the Mother of US President. It is considered to be one of the most important states in US especially during the elections of the President. Ohio Destination is also called the Birth Place of Aviation as the famous Wright Brother who invented the Airplane belongs to this state. Ohio also has some additional claims, to be the home city of Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on moon, Astronaut John Glenn who is claimed to be the first American to complete an orbit of the outer space of Earth, and beside Ohio has also been the home of 23 astronauts and Inventor Thomas A Edison was also born in Ohio.

Popular Tourist Destination of Ohio

The popular tourist destinations of Ohio are Columbus and Cincinnati.

Columbus being the capital city is the ideal destination for tourist especially for families as there are tons of things to do for children and for grownups. The Columbus Zoo is rated as no 1 in the U.S and is very popular among the tourist. The Center of Science and Industry shows things related to Children activities and cinemas. The Topiary Garden, Columbus Museum of Art and Santa Maria are the major museums of Columbus and they show the visitors the history of the state and are highly appreciated by the tourists.

Cincinnati is a well known city and is the famous of Abraham Lincoln Statue is here. Some of the most architectural marvels like John Roebling Bridge, St. Peter in Chains Cathedral and the Fountain Square are here. Cincinnati also feels proud on the presence of the museums and art displays in the city. One can also visit the Irwin M. Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati Zoo, Botanical Garden, Eden Park and Coney Island.

Ohio Destination

Ohio and its people enjoy a lot of activities round the year in terms of art performance, various festivals, sports etc. Concerts are held throughout the year in the state on one side and on the other exhibitions are organized that display the art works of painters and sculptors. Ohio is also well known for its cuisines and the way the local people celebrates their every moment of life with different festivals held during the year. Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is one of the festivals that is held every year, it showcases the tasty samples of German style music and food and beer. Tall stack is a large festival that is held to pay tribute to the Cincinnati’s river boat history. It is held on the shores of the Ohio River in Cincinnati. Many concerts are held for the same. Tall Stacks take place every 3rd or 4th year.
Other popular and major festivals are the Cleveland International Film Festival, Columbus Art Festival, Riverfest, the Jazz and Ribs Festival Ohio State Fair and the Riverfest Presented by Outdoor Source.

Beside the cultural fest Ohio indulges itself in the sports activities round the year especially the football and baseball are the major one amongst all and they have various levels of team for each; some of them are Cincinnati Bengal the football team, Cincinnati Reds the baseball team, Cleveland Browns the National Football team, Cleveland League the major league baseball team etc. Beside football and baseball as the major played sports the state is also well known for its hockey and soccer.

Ohio is well known as the Roller Coaster of the world because of the number of Amusements parks in the state. The famous and noteworthy parks in Ohio are Cedar Point and King’s Island.
You will not only find great places to see and some interesting activities to do but you can also find some good places to dine and things to eat in the entire state. Most of the cuisines which are well defined as the American Food were born in Ohio.

In general, Ohio is a safe place but the biggest threat is of the weather. Unlikely of all the terms and crime rates one can stay safe in Ohio if you are well aware of your surroundings.

Ohio Famous Destinations

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Date Opened May 1905; 1927
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Location Powell, Ohio, USA
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Land Area 82 acres (250 acres (1 km²) after expansion)
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Coordinates 40°9′22.557″N 83°7′6.250″W
Number of Animals in Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 5,804
Number of Species in Columbus Zoo and Aquarium 746
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Memberships AZA
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Major Exhibits African Forest, African Savanna (2014), Asia Quest, Australia, Islands of Southeast Asia, North America, Pachyderms, Polar Frontier, Reptiles, Shores
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Website http://www.columbuszoo.org