Ocean Freight Shipping Services

International commerce has gotten far more complex – goods and services are in demand across the world.  There are many ways to move goods and materials – by sea, air and land.  Ocean Freight Shipping is the most cost effective way of moving goods between countries as it covers greater distances.

What Can be Transported

Many goods are transported by freighters – commercial use, recreation and military use.  It is great for transporting large amounts of goods – most of which are packed into containers and loaded on to freighters – this is referred to as General Cargo.  Some items that are shipped this way are:

  • Chemicals
  • Food & Grains
  • Machinery
  • Home Décor
  • Textiles
  • Crude Oil
  • Steel, to name a few.

Every country with a coastline has a merchant shipping fleet which has many ships – manned by civilian crew members.

Types of Cargo Ships

Most of the modern cargo ships are placed in different categories and have different functions.  Here are a few:

  • Bulk Carriers: carry cargo and massive amounts of items such as mineral ores, food grains etc.  They are distinguishable by a boxy design – they are designed to carry wet or dry cargo.
  • Container Ships: these carry the load in big containers that can be loaded onto trucks and transported overland.  They are the most common method of transporting goods.
  • Tankers: These are used to transport liquid cargo like crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, chemicals, oils etc.
  • Reefers: These carry perishable items like fruit, vegetables, meats and fish – and are refrigerated to keep items from spoiling.
  • Roll On/Roll Off:  this kind of ship is used to transport cars, trailers, railway cars etc.  These come equipped with built in ramps to make it easy to “roll on” cargo and “roll off” at the port of delivery.

Cargo freighters are registered in countries which offer advantages such as lower costs and no minimum tonnage requirements.  These countries also offer the possibility of dual registration – where the charter company is registered in two different countries.  The scope of jobs in this industry is quite substantial and crucial to keeping international commerce functioning smoothly.

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