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Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Information

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines IATA
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines ICAO
Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Callsign
Founded February 2005
Ceased Operations April 2008
Hubs Hong Kong International Airport
Fleet Size 5
Destinations Hong Kong International Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Vancouver International Airport
Headquarters Hong Kong
Key People Stephen H. Miller, (CEO)

Rev. Raymond C. Lee & Priscilla H. Lee, (Chairman and Executive Director)

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Website http://www.oasishongkong.com/

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines History

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited is obsolete long-haul low-cost airline that was found in Hong Kong. It provides scheduled services to Vancouver International Airport and London Gatwick Airport from its center, Hong Kong International Airport.

Oasis was considered one of rising number of long-haul passenger airlines, such as Zoom Airlines, to assume a budget airline replica pioneered through the now obsolete Lakers Airways Sky train service in 1970s. It provided uncontrollably service from Hong Kong to London and started service to Vancouver on 28th June, 2007. And the airline was selected "World’s Leading New Airline" at Annual World Travel Awards 2007.

On 9th April 2008 Oasis Hong Kong declared that it had finished operations, with a temporary liquidator, KPMG China, chosen to supervise the insolvency of the corporation. KPMG China is chosen as liquidator.

On 8th July 2008 it was declared that unsafe creditors of distorted Oasis Hong Kong Airlines comprised, ticket holders, will ultimately obtain no more than ten percent of what they are allocated, in accordance with airline's provisional liquidator, KPMG.

On 16th September 2008 this estimation was condensed to 'less than 5%'. No schedule was provided for sharing of these finances.

History of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was established through Rev. Raymond C. Lee, and his companion, Priscilla H. Lee in February 2005. The C.E.O., Steve Miller, was creator and first head supervisory of another Hong Kong-based airline, Dragon air. And it’s opening direction to London instigated service on 26th October, 2006.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines operated as low-fare airline, and stated that it had previously broken-even after first 6 months of operations. And the airline stated that this was accomplished through flying long-haul in order to reduce fuel costs and maintenance. It has an inferior cost per passenger-kilometer evaluated to other airlines in Hong Kong. 

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was settled on 9th April 2008. The final flight, flight O8 901, deceased from Vancouver at 10:15 a.m. and reached Hong Kong at 3:09pm. And the liquidator KPMG declared the insolvency at 2pm on same day and more next few days it would carry out a search for prospective buyers for airline.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Services

Tickets were put up for sale through travel agents and company website. In one direction between London and Hong Kong were commenced from £75 or HK$1,000 (without charges and taxes), however there were really 4 fare classes. As time continued fares became collegial with airlines like British Airways and Air New Zealand providing full-service for a same cost and flying from more suitable Heathrow! And provide assorted from time to time.

On 28th February, 2007, it shifted all its traveler register operation into newly custom-built Terminal 2 of Hong Kong International Airport, being opening airline in Hong Kong to do so.
Former Destinations

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines work on 2 routes from Hong Kong to London Vancouver International Airport and Gatwick Airport.

On 28th June 2007, Oasis declared it supposed to establish 6 weekly services to Vancouver International Airport, the center city of a different low cost carrier West jet, from 28th June 2007. Press release of the airline which affirmed that "it’s a market where there is substantially less reliance on feeder traffic" recommended nothing about West jet connectivity. And it was alleged that long-waited Oakland service (close to San Francisco) will quickly come on line one time the Vancouver service is launched. Other directions were as well planned. It is supposed to have wanted to begin service to New York and Chicago before arriving at Washington DC.

North America

  1. Canada
    1. Vancouver - Vancouver International Airport
    2. Toronto - Pearson International Airport
  2. United States
    1. Honolulu - Honolulu International Airport
    2. Chicago - O'Hare International Airport
    3. Boston - Logan International Airport
    4. Los Angeles - Los Angeles International Airport
    5. Las Vegas - McCarran International Airport
    6. New York - John F. Kennedy International Airport
  3. On 17th August 2007, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines uttered their curiosity to 4 destinations in Asia on HKSAR Government website.
  4. On 7th September 2007, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines uttered their curiosity to 6 destinations in North America on HKSAR Government website.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Awards

In the year of 2007, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was selected "Asia's Leading Budget/No Frills Airline" and "World’s Leading New Airline" at Annual World Travel Awards 2007. and it was named "New Airline of the Year" through the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation of Australia, and was selected "Best Business Class Carrier" and "Best New Service" at 2007 World Low Cost Airline Congress Awards detained in London.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Liquidation

On 9th April 2008 Oasis's CEO Stephen Miller declared at press conference that corporation would stop operations after suffering a hoarded loss of HK$1 billion (US$128 million) since its commence in October 2006. Accounting firm KPMG were selected temporary liquidator through the airline.
Management Team

The Management Team in 2008 was:

  1. Director: Steven Yung
  2. Executive Director: Priscilla H. Lee
  3. Chairman: Rev. Dr. Raymond C. Lee
  4. Chief Financial Officer: Francis Wai
  5. Chief Executive Officer: Stephen Miller
  6. Director of Engineering: Richard Dauncey
  7. Director Ground Operations: Chris Youlten
  8. Director Flight Operations: Atholl Buchan
  9. Director Airline Planning: Tom Bemstein
  10. Director of Sales and Marketing: Salina Wang
  11. Director Cabin Services: Jacqueline See
  12. Head of Revenue Management: Stephen Chan
  13. Head of Information Technology: Michael Wirth

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Destinations

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Destinations in Asia

  • Hong Kong
    • Hong Kong International Airport Hub
  • Indonesia
    • Bali - Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Singapore
    • Singapore - Singapore Changi Airport
  • Thailand
    • Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Vietnam
    • Ho Chi Minh City - Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Destinations in Europe

  • United Kingdom
    • England
      • London - London Gatwick Airport

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Destinations in North America

  • Canada
    • Toronto - Pearson International Airport
    • Vancouver - Vancouver International Airport
  • United States
    • Chicago - O'Hare International Airport
    • Boston - Logan International Airport
    • Honolulu - Honolulu International Airport
    • Las Vegas - McCarran International Airport
    • Los Angeles - Los Angeles International Airport
    • New York - John F. Kennedy International Airport

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Fleets

Registration CN Aircraft Engine Previous ID
B-LFA 24063/LN736 Boeing 747-412 PW 4062 9V-SMC, 3B-SMC, TF-AMA.
B-LFB 24065/LN761 Boeing 747-412 PW 4062 9V-SME, TF-AMB.
B-LFC 29263/LN1204 Boeing 747-481 GE CF6-80C2B5F JA404A
B-LFD 30322/LN1250 Boeing 747-481 GE CF6-80C2B5F JA405A
B-LFE 29262/LN1199 Boeing 747-481 GE CF6-80C2B5F JA403A

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Phone Number & Contact

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Phone Number for General Enquiries

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Phone Number +852 3121 9840
(opening hours 0900-1700h local time, Monday to Friday)

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Mailing Address

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited (In Liquidation)
27th Floor, Alexandra House
18 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong
Fax number: +852 3121 9842