North Korea

In the Russo-Japanese War, Japan occupied the independent kingdom of Korea. 5 years later, the entire peninsula was formally annexed by Japan.  Korea got separated with northern half following the World War II and came under the domination of Soviet-sponsored Communist. US backed to the Republic of Korea in southern portion being failed to conquer the Korean War during 1950 to1953.

Capital: Pyongyang
Supreme leader: Kim Jong-un
President: Kim Il-sung
Premier: Pak Pong-ju
Government: Family dictatorship, Totalitarianism, Juche, Single-party state
Motto: Powerful and Prosperous Nation
Anthem: "Aegukka" (transliteration)
(English: "The Patriotic Song")
Official language: Korean
Currency: North Korean won


The population of the North Korea is about 23 million and it is considered among top linguistically and ethnically homogeneous in world with a little numbers of Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, European expatriate and south Korean minorities.

Both Koreas share a Confucian and Buddhist heritage as well as the recent history of Cheondoism and Christian movements. As far as religion is concerned, the constitution of North Korea permits the freedom of religion in the nation. The people of North Korea follow different religions such as 71.2% Atheist, 12.9% Cheondoism, 12.3 % Korean shamanism, 2.1 % Christianity and 1.5 % Buddhism.

Korean language is the main spoken as well as written language in the nation.

Government and Politics

North Korea described itself as Juche state that means self reliance state. The country is ruled by the single party. The government of the country is structured as dictatorship followed by the first and the only president Kim Il-sung and his heir. Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland is the governing party of the nation that is basically a union of three parties- the Worker’s Party of North Korea, Chondoist Chongu Party and the North Korean Social Democratic Party.


The culture of North Korea is very vast. Natives are fully influenced with the popular music, literature, film and theatre of the country and all these have been glorified by the Kim jong-il and Kim Il-sung. Mass Games is the most popular event in the country that goes for two months. Around 100,000 performers take active participation in this big event. It is deliberated as a festival in the country. The dance and the gymnastic competitions are the centre of attraction during the Mass Games.


North Korea’s educational system includes three kinds of schools. First type is based upon simple school system and other two kinds serve the general as well as special purposes. The term general school system used in the country refers the simple and general schooling program like other countries have. Within it, the education is initiated with Kindergarten that includes two years education.

The government strictly controls the education of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The education system includes the 3 years education of Kindergarten, 4 years education of primary schools, 6 years education of secondary schools and then the education up to university levels.

Economy and Infrastructure

The economy of North Korea is far better than most of South Asian as well as African countries. The per capita GDP of the country stands as $2,000. With adopting a free market economy, the North Korea is renowned as highly developed nation and a big economic power in world. The various industries of the nation produce almost every manufactured goods. The military industry is mainly focused by the government. Whether it is agriculture or the construction of infrastructure, the entire things are assisted by the military.

Neighboring countries ares South Korea, Russia, China

Geographical setting

Korean Peninsula’s northern portion is North Korea. The country covers the 120,540 sq dm of area. The country is bordered by Russia and China to north and also borders the South Korea all along the Korean Demilitarized Zone. There are Korea Bay and Yellow Sea in the west whereas the east part of the country includes the Sea of Japan. Paektu San Mountain is the highest top of the country and its height is measured as 2,744 met.


Korea got freedom just after the World War II that was under the occupation of the United States and Soviet Union. Later Korea was divided in two countries- North Korea and South Korea.

North Korea Great Persons are Kim Jong-il, a political figure

Kim Il-sung, a political figure

  • Sun Myung Moon, a religious figure
  • Sun Myung Moon, a political leader

North Korea total population is 22,912,177, according to concuss of 2005.

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Tourist Attractions

Arch of Triumph

Juche Tower

Korea Central Zoo


North Korea Peace Museum

Paektu Mountain

Tomb of King Tongmyong

Tomb of King Wanggon

USS Pueblo (AGER-2)

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Sonjuk Bridge

Mangyongdae Funfair

Tomb of King Kongmin