North Korea Maps

North Korea, officially The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is an East Asian country located on the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang is the capital and largest city of North Korea. Korean is the official language. The country has a land area of 120,540 square kilometres. As per the 2009 estimate, North Korea is home to 24,051,218 people.

North Korea Administrative divisions

The country is divided into 9 provinces and 2 municipalities. The provinces include Pyongan-namdo, Pyongan-bukdo, Chagang-do, Hwanghae-namdo, Hwanghae-bukdo, Kangwon-do, Hamgyong-namdo, Hamgyong-bukdo and Ryanggang-do. Pyongyang-chikhalsi and Rason-teukbyeolsi are the municipalities.

Major cities of North Korea

The largest cities of North Korea include Pyongyang, Hamhung, Chongjin, Nampho, Wonsan, Sinuiju, Tanchon, Kaechon, Kaesong and Sariwon.

Mountains of North Korea

North Korea is a mountainous country. Baekdu Mountain, a volcanic mountain in North Korea is the highest point. The mountains of North Korea includes Ahobiryong Mountains, Baekdu Mountain, Baekdudaegan, Changbai Mountains, Chilbosan, Kangnam Mountains, Kŭmgangsan, Kuwŏlsan, Maepongsan, Maepongsan, Mataesan, Myohyang-san, Myoraksan, Namsan, Namsan, Namsan, Ogasan Nature Reserve, Opongsan, Opongsan, Opongsan, Rangrim Mountains, Taebaek Mountains and Taesongsan. With an elevation of 9,003 ft Paektu-san Mountain is one of the highest points in North Korea.

North Korean Rivers

Bongocheon, Bukhan, Ch'ongch'on, Changja, Han, Hantan, Hongcheon, Imjin, Ryesong, Taedong, Taeryong, Tumen and Yalu River are the main rivers of North Korea.The longest river is the Amnok River which is 790 kilometres long.

Lakes of North Korea

Heaven Lake, Lake Khasan and Sapung Lake are the three lakes of North Korea.

Caves of North Korea

Songam Cavern, located in Kaech'ŏn-si is a major tourist attraction in North Korea. It consists of 17 caves.


north korea map
Map of North Korea