North Dakota Travel Guide

North Dakota State Travel Guide

North Dakota is situated in the geographic center of North America and is mainly devoted to the processing of agricultural products.  It experiences some of the most extreme temperature variations – hot summers and cold winters.  North Dakota’s largest city Fargo has been ranked as the cleanest city by the American Lung Association. American Indian influence is largely seen in this state as United Tribes International Powwow - a regalia of parades and dancers with various dancing styles is held in each September at Bismarck. Norsk Hostfest, a Scandinavian event is held each October in Minot celebrating the Norwegian heritage. In a way the Scandinavian culture has largely affected the religious beliefs in North Dakota. The state boasts of highest per capita of churches as compared to any state. The legendary Lewis and Clark trail which followed Missouri to the Yellowstone near Williston lets a traveler enjoy the scenic beauty and hospitality of the people.

North Dakota State Information

North Dakota Official Language(s) English
North Dakota Demonym North Dakotan
North Dakota Capital Bismarck
North Dakota Largest City Fargo
North Dakota Area  Ranked 19th in the US
 - Total 70,762 sq mi
(183,272 km2)
 - Width 210 miles (340 km)
 - Length 340 miles (545 km)
 - % water 2.4
 - Latitude 45° 56′ N to 49° 00′ N
 - Longitude 96° 33′ W to 104° 03′ W
North Dakota Population  Ranked 48th in the US
 - Total 646,844 (2009 est.)
642,200 (2000)
- Density 9.3/sq mi  (3.58/km2)
Ranked 47th in the US
North Dakota Elevation  
 - Highest Point White Butte
3,506 ft  (1,069 m)
 - Mean 1,903 ft  (580 m)
 - Lowest Point Red River
750 ft  (229 m)
North Dakota Before Statehood Dakota Territory
North Dakota Admission to Union  November 2, 1889 (39th)
North Dakota Governor John Hoeven (R)
North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Jack Dalrymple (R)
North Dakota Legislature Legislative Assembly
 - Upper House Senate
 - Lower House House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Kent Conrad (D)
Byron Dorgan (D)
U.S. House Delegation Earl Pomeroy (D)
North Dakota Time Zones  
 - Most of State Central: UTC-6/-5
 - Southwest Mountain: UTC-7/-6
North Dakota Abbreviations ND US-ND
North Dakota Website

A Brief History

Native Americans of the Mandan, Cheyenne, Cree, Sioux, Assiniboin, Crow, and Ojibwa tribes inhabited North Dakota. La Verendrye, a French Canadian trader was the first European who led an exploration party to Mandan villages. The north western part of North Dakota became part of United States with the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. Later in 1818 the southeastern part was acquired from Great Britain when the international line with Canada was fixed at the 49th parallel. The North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company have established fur industry which was to dominate the region for more than half a century.  Anti-corporate laws of the state make it impossible to foreclose on farmland, or even after foreclosure, the property title cannot be held by a bank or a mortgage company. As a result of this every farm is a family-owned farm and CBS News has reported that North Dakota has the highest per capita percentage of millionaires.

Things to See and Do

As agriculture being the leading industry of the state, agri-tourism is promoted extensively.  With its varied topography, North Dakota is a haven for cross-country bike trips from Little Missouri National Grassland to the hills of the Turtle Mountains, and Maah Daah Hey Trail. The spring migration season lets the tourist see various birds in their natural habitat. Whether it is for their tranquil beauty or diverse natural surroundings, North Dakota’s rivers are popular for their canoeing activity. The state’s casinos lets the tourist experience gaming throughout the year. North Dakota with 14 State Parks and Recreation Areas and various local camping facilities is a favorite with the campers. Various entertainment venues host musical acts, theatrical productions, art galleries and sporting events. The North Dakota State Fair features some of the best works in entertainment, farm, craft and home exhibits, displays. The State Championship Finals Rodeo is a must see for any tourist. Hunting season is treated like a holiday in North Dakota where one can hunt an array of upland game birds, big-game species to water fowl. Top ranking golf courses such as Hawktree Golf Course, Bully Pulpit Golf Course, and King’s Walk Golf Course make North Dakota, a favorite destination among golfers. Thus, North Dakota has something for everyone.