North Dakota Transportation

North Dakota Transportation

North Dakota Transportation

North Dakota is located in the Midwestern area of the USA. Canada is in the north of North Dakota. North Dakota stands as the 19th largest state in the USA. North Dakota is considered as the least populous state having nearly 7 million people up to the 2001 census.  Bismarck is the state’s capital and Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota. North Dakota has rich history to proclaim its in-depth historical evolution so far. Most of Native Americans live in North Dakota for thousands of years. North Dakota is a place of historical as well as geographical importance. You can have a worth visit to North Dakota for your holiday celebration.

North Dakota Transportation is very famous. You will have comfortable highways, railways and airways. You can travel around North Dakota in any typical weather condition too. All major places are well connected with each other. Hence, you do not get any hassles for choosing any mode of transportation.

North Dakota Highway Transportation:

North Dakota Department of Transportation undertakes the entire transportation of North Dakota. There are two major interstate highways in North Dakota namely – 29 and 94 interstate highways and these two highways meet in Fargo, the largest city of North Dakota as 1-29 and 1-94. Interestingly these two highways have bisected the state in two major halves. The I-29 interstate highways separates north and south part of the state and the 1-94 highways separates east and west part of the state. The highways are made of concrete for which these can endure without hassles in any extreme condition of the weather too. Highway transportation creates a considerable point of traveling in North Dakota Transportation.

North Dakota Railway Transportation:

BNSF and the Canadian Pacific Railway operate North Dakota’s entire railway system. They have many branches with much more facilities to the travelers. The rail transportation in North Dakota is remarkable for its speed and good quality of facilities. However, there are now some of the new branches to operate rail services in Dakota namely - Dakota, Missouri Valley and Western Railroad and the Red River Valley and Western Railroad. You will get Amtrak passenger service which is also considered as one of the most reliable and reasonable travel ways in North Dakota. This passenger services will be provided by Chicago–Seattle and Portland route. Amtrak's Empire Builder is a famous railway service in North Dakota. You will have many stops in Fargo and Bismarck cities as per your convenient time. Railways play a vital role in North Dakota Transportation.

North Dakota Airway Transportation:

Hector International Airport is the principal airport in North Dakota. It is located in Fargo. There are some of the busiest airports in North Dakota namely - Grand Forks International Airport, Bismarck Municipal Airport, and the Minot International Airport etc. According to a recent data, it has been edged that there are 322 private airports, 94 public airports, and 16 heliports in North Dakota. This means air traveling in North Dakota is not a big issue. You can take a private helicopter to travel important places while you are in holiday. You can have a great time at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Book a helicopter well in advance and enjoy travel spots at your convenient time. Airway traveling is also one of the most remarkable modes of traveling in North Dakota Transportation.

North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT)

North Dakota Department of Transportation Agency overview
NDDOT Jurisdiction North Dakota
NDDOT Headquarters 608 East Boulevard Avenue, Bismarck, North Dakota
NDDOT Agency Executive Francis Ziegler, Director
NDDOT Parent Agency State of North Dakota
North Dakota Department of Transportation Website

List of Airports in North Dakota

City Served FAA IATA ICAO Airport Name
Commercial Service - Primary Airports
Bismarck BIS BIS KBIS Bismarck Municipal Airport
Fargo FAR FAR KFAR Hector International Airport
Grand Forks GFK GFK KGFK Grand Forks International Airport
Minot MOT MOT KMOT Minot International Airport
Williston ISN ISN KISN Sloulin Field International Airport
Commercial Service - Non-Primary Airports
Devils Lake DVL DVL KDVL Devils Lake Regional Airport (Knoke Field)
Dickinson DIK DIK KDIK Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport
Jamestown JMS JMS KJMS Jamestown Regional Airport
General Aviation Airports
Beach 20U     Beach Airport
Bottineau D09     Bottineau Municipal Airport
Bowman BPP BWM KBPP Bowman Municipal Airport
Cando 9D7     Cando Municipal Airport
Carrington 46D     Carrington Municipal Airport
Casselton 5N8     Casselton Robert Miller Regional Airport
Cavalier 2C8     Cavalier Municipal Airport
Cooperstown S32     Cooperstown Municipal Airport
Crosby D50     Crosby Municipal Airport
Dunseith S28     International Peace Garden Airport
Edgeley 51D     Edgeley Municipal Airport
Ellendale 4E7     Ellendale Municipal Airport
Fort Yates Y27     Standing Rock Airport
Garrison D05     Garrison Municipal Airport
Glen Ullin D57     Glen Ullin Regional Airport
Grafton GAF   KGAF Grafton Municipal Airport (Hutson Field)
Gwinner GWR GWR KGWR Gwinner-Roger Melroe Field
Harvey 5H4     Harvey Municipal Airport
Hazen HZE   KHZE Mercer County Regional Airport
Hettinger HEI   KHEI Hettinger Municipal Airport
Hillsboro 3H4     Hillsboro Municipal Airport
Kenmare 7K5     Kenmare Municipal Airport
Kindred K74     Hamry Field
LaMoure 4F9     LaMoure Rott Municipal Airport
Lakota 5L0     Lakota Municipal Airport
Langdon D55     Robertson Field
Linton 7L2     Linton Municipal Airport
Lisbon 6L3     Lisbon Municipal Airport
Mandan Y19     Mandan Municipal Airport
Mohall HBC   KHBC Mohall Municipal Airport
Mott 3P3     Mott Municipal Airport
Northwood 4V4     Northwood Municipal Airport (Vince Field)
Oakes 2D5     Oakes Municipal Airport
Park River Y37     Park River Airport (W.C. Skjerven Field)
Parshall Y74     Parshall-Hankins Airport
Pembina PMB PMB KPMB Pembina Municipal Airport
Rolla 06D     Rolla Municipal Airport
Rugby RUG   KRUG Rugby Municipal Airport
Stanley 08D     Stanley Municipal Airport
Tioga D60 VEX   Tioga Municipal Airport
Valley City 6D8     Barnes County Municipal Airport
Wahpeton BWP WAH KBWP Harry Stern Airport
Walhalla 96D     Walhalla Municipal Airport
Washburn 5C8     Washburn Municipal Airport
Watford City S25     Watford City Municipal Airport
Other Public-Use Airports (not listed in NPIAS)
Arthur 1A2     Arthur Airport
Ashley ASY ASY KASY Ashley Municipal Airport
Beulah 95D     Beulah Airport
Bowbells 5B4     Bowbells Municipal Airport
Columbus D49     Columbus Municipal Airport
Drayton D29     Drayton Municipal Airport
Elgin Y71     Elgin Municipal Airport
Enderlin 5N4     Sky Haven Airport
Fargo D54     West Fargo Municipal Airport
Fessenden D24     Fessenden Municipal Airport
Gackle 9G9     Gackle Municipal Airport
Grenora 7N6     Grenora Centennial Airport
Hazelton 6H8     Hazelton Municipal Airport
Killdeer 9Y1     Weydahl Field
Kulm D03     Kulm Municipal Airport (opened 2009, replacing Pruetz Municipal)
Larimore 2L1     Larimore Municipal Airport
Leeds D31     Leeds Municipal Airport
Lidgerwood 4N4     Lidgerwood Municipal Airport
Maddock 6D3     Maddock Municipal Airport
Mayville D56     Mayville Municipal Airport
McClusky 7G2     McClusky Municipal Airport
McVille 8M6     McVille Municipal Airport
Milnor 4R6     Milnor Municipal Airport
Minto D06     Minto Municipal Airport
Napoleon 5B5     Napoleon Municipal Airport
New Rockford 8J7     Tomlinson Field
New Town 05D     New Town Municipal Airport
Page 64G     Page Regional Airport
Plaza Y99     Trulson Field
Richardton 4E8     Richardton Airport
Riverdale 37N     Garrison Dam Recreational Airpark
Rolette 2H9     Rolette Airport
St. Thomas 4S5     St. Thomas Municipal Airport
Towner D61     Towner Municipal Airport
Turtle Lake 91N     Turtle Lake Municipal Airport
Westhope D64     Westhope Municipal Airport
Wishek 6L5     Wishek Municipal Airport
Other Military Airports
Grand Forks RDR RDR KRDR Grand Forks Air Force Base
Minot MIB MIB KMIB Minot Air Force Base
Notable Former Airports
Kulm 5K9     Pruetz Municipal Airport (closed 2009, replaced by Kulm Municipal)
Wimbledon       Wimbledon Airport (closed 2001-2003)