North Dakota Tourist Attractions

North Dakota Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in North Dakota

North Dakota is one of the states in the United States of America, situated in its western north central front. On the basis of its size it is ranked at 17th position compared to all other states of United States. It has a total area of 183,121 square kilometers out of which 179,483 square kilometers covers the total land area and the remaining 3,634 square kilometers encompasses the total water body. Bismarck, situated in the south central region of North Dakota is its capital city. North Dakota is roughly having a triangular shape. Owing to its beauty and climate, North Dakota is visited each year by millions of visitors. Some of the most important places of tourism importance are:

  • Dakota zoo: The Dakota zoo is one of the most interesting attractions of North Dakota. It is situated in the capital city, Bismarck. This zoo is visited by over 100,000 visitors annually. This zoo was opened in 1961 and at present it has over 125 birds and mammals. Other interesting features of the zoo are the exhibits of bear habitat, river otter exhibit, small animal exhibit etc.

  • Camp Hancock State Historic Site: This is a historic museum established in 1872. At this historic site, you can find long buildings which served as camp headquarters. These buildings were constructed for the workers who are involved in construction of Northern Pacific railroads.

  • Former Governor’s Mansion:  This mansion is located in Bismarck and served as house for around 21 Governors. This mansion was constructed in 1884 and managed and restored till now by the state historic society. The furniture displays and other interior decors remind us of the ancient glory.

  • North Dakota Heritage Center: The North Dakota Heritage Center is a historic museum which has many exhibits of prehistoric times. Apart from many permanent exhibits, the museum also has many temporary exhibits, so each time you visit this heritage center, you will have something new to admire. The heritage center also has a library section attached to it.

  • Statue of Sakakawea: This is located in Bismarck, the capital city. This is a 12 foot long statue constructed in honor of Sakakawea who helped Lewis and Clark during their expedition. The statue is made of bronze and features Sakakawea with her baby strapped on the back side. The statue was sculptured by Leonard Crunelle.

  • Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge: It is situated in the Cayuga city of North Dakota. This wildlife Refuge covers a total area of 8300 acres. Birding is the most important feature of Tewaukon National Wildlife Refuge. It has a large number and variety of birds including the nesting and migrating ones. It spreads over a total area of 8,300 acres.

  • Fort Seward Interpretive Center: Similar to the Camp Hancock Historic Site, the Fort Seward Interpretive Center is also constructed for railroad workers. Here it is built for workers involved in the construction of Great Northern Railroads.

  • National Buffalo Museum: It is located in Jamestown and spreads over an area of 6000 square foot. Buffalos were the great animals that once occupied the West. The museum has exhibit of about 30 buffalo heads. The most interesting among this is the exhibit of the rare albino buffalo known as White Cloud.

  • Toy Farmer Museum: The Toy Farm museum is another major attraction of North Dakota. It has exhibits of variety of miniature farm equipment. It also has a gift shop attached to it.

  • Sheyenne National Grassland: As the name implies, it is a grass land where large number of birds, insects and animals live here. It also has a large collection of rare plant species. It also provides the visitors with many interesting activities like hiking, horseback riding etc.

  • Plains Art Museum: This is an art Museum and has displays of many paintings, artifact etc. It has both temporary and permanent displays. It also has exhibits of art work created by local artists; hence the visitors can view the North Dakota’s own talent.

  • Red River Zoo: The Red River Zoo is located in Fargo. It has wide collection of both plants and animals. Apart from serving as a place for leisure, it also provides many educational programs for the visitors.

  • Grand Forks-Empire Art Center: The Grant Forks Empire Art Center is another major center of historic importance. It has displays of many artifacts and paintings of the 19th century.

  • Gingras Trading Post State Historic Site: This is a historic place that consists of buildings existed during 1840’s.

  • Gunlogson Homestead and Nature Preserve: The Gunlogson Homestead and Nature Preserve is situated in Cavalier and lies as a part of the Icelandic state park. This nature preserve covers a total of about 200 acres of forest area and has many historic buildings within it. It also provides the visitors with many interesting activities like biking, hiking, swimming etc.

  • Museum of the badlands: This is another historic museum of North Dakota situated in Medora. It has displays of many Native American artifacts, paintings etc.

  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park: The Theodore Roosevelt National Park is situated in Medora. The national park contains a vast wildlife area and an amazing bird sanctuary. 

North Dakota Featured Attractions

North Dakota Featured Attraction Address
Geographical Center of North America Rugby, North Dakota
Tommy Turtle Bottineau, North Dakota
Enchanted Highway Regent, North Dakota
Salem Sue

New Salem, North Dakota

Some of North Dakota's Top Tourist Attractions:

  • Children's Museum at Yunker Farm
  • Trollwood Park
  • Siouxland Buffalo Ranch
  • Fort Lincoln Trolley
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park
  • Maple River Winery
  • St Michael's Catholic Church
  • Fort Mandan Historic Site
  • Hawks Nest Ridge
  • Rugby Golf Course