North Dakota Destinations

North Dakota Destinations

North Dakota Destinations – a Holy State

North Dakota General Introduction

North Dakota is a state in the U.S situated in Great Plains and is bordered on the east with Minnesota, in the west with Montana, in the south by South Dakota and in the north by the Canadian provinces. North Dakota is considered to be the 39th state and was admitted to the Union in 1889. It is a very large state but is scarcely populated. Main settlement in the state is that of farmers. The population of North Dakota Destination has hardly risen in past few years but there is a definite change in the living style of the people of the state. Their life style has changed from rural to urban and has been modernized lately.

North Dakota Destination has been considered to be one of the significant states of North America and is also called as a holy state because of some very important and famous holy sites situated in the state. But is has been reported lately that these sites are been abused most of the times by tourist. A statement has been remarked on North Dakota that it is still untouched and lots of things are yet to be discovered.

Popular Tourist Destination of North Dakota

North Dakota has very few cities but these cities are considered to be the major one in the U.S. Bismarck is the state capital and is also called the scenic beauty of North Dakota. The city has n numbers of recreational hot spots that keeps the tourists busy till their trip ends. Fargo on the other hand is the largest city of North Dakota and is also the home for the state university. Similarly, the other cities of North Dakota have some or the other speciality that makes them different from one another; like Devils Lake is the heart of North Dakota lake country, Jamestown is popularly called as the Buffalo city etc.

North Dakota Destination

North Dakota Destination is the perfect place to spend some quality time with your friends or families. It is a perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment. With some great outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, hiking, horse riding and snowmobiling; North Dakota is the best place to be in and the best one to beat off. No matter what or whichever it is bicycle or binoculars; an adventure is always awaiting here in North Dakota. The only thing is to name the adventure and you’ll find the sport.

There is lot of agricultural adventure to experience. The discovery of farms, ranches & Gardens is a breath taking experience. It will be under your will whether you wish to take a seat from a saddle or just want to see and appreciate the greenery and the environment surrounding you which also includes the golden amber waves of grains and lot of latest and modern farming equipments.

Some early inhabitants have left their traits in the state which show their distinct language and culture. Some of these tribes are Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, the Yanktonai, Sisseton, Wapheton, Hunkpapa and Dakotah.  Indians are united by core beliefs and values and they respect their earth. They have a unique understanding of human nature and their relationship with nature. Tourists are always welcomed in North Dakota Destination to unravel the beauty of the Indian culture.

As stated earlier North Dakota State is the least visited state of the U.S as there are lot of things yet undiscovered and some willing tourists and visitors can get into those unknown parts of the state. It is at times said to be the living proof and there is a lot to see and do in the off beaten path of tourist and in the small towns. Activities and Adventures go around the entire year and these activities are the major attraction of the Tourists so that they can spend some lavish time in the state. The scenic beauty and the surroundings of the North Dakota Destination is the main attraction of the state and are worth seeing. There are some old frontier forts to visit. There are hundreds of species of birds, animals, fish and wildflowers.

North Dakota Famous Destinations

Devils Lake, North Dakota

Devils Lake Coordinates: 48°7′N 98°52′W
Devils Lake Country United States
Devils Lake State North Dakota
Devils Lake County Ramsey
Devils Lake Founded 1882
Devils Lake Incorporated (village) 1884
Devils Lake Incorporated (city) 1887
Devils Lake Area
 - Total 6.3 sq mi (16.3 km2)
 - Land 6.3 sq mi (16.3 km2)
 - Water 0.0 sq mi (0.0 km2)
Devils Lake Elevation 1,447 ft (441 m)
Devils Lake Population (2000)
 - Total 7,222
 - Density 1,149.4/sq mi (443.8/km2)
Devils Lake Time Zone Central (CST) (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
Devils Lake ZIP Code 58301
Devils Lake Area Code(s) 701
Devils Lake FIPS Code 38-19420
Devils Lake GNIS Feature ID 1028672
Devils Lake Highways US 2, ND 19, ND 20

Mandan, North Dakota

Mandan Coordinates: 46°49′44″N 100°53′28″W
Mandan Country United States
Mandan State North Dakota
Mandan County Morton
Mandan Area
 - Total 10.3 sq mi (26.6 km2)
 - Land 10.2 sq mi (26.4 km2)
 - Water 0.1 sq mi (0.3 km2)
Mandan Elevation 1,647 ft (502 m)
Mandan Population (2000)
 - Total 16,718
 - Density 1,642.8/sq mi (634.1/km2)
Mandan Time Zone Central (CST) (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
Mandan ZIP Code 58554
Mandan Area Code(s) 701
Mandan FIPS Code 38-49900
Mandan GNIS Feature ID 1030076
Mandan Highways I-94, I-94 Bus., I-194, ND 6, ND 1806
Mandan Website

Wahpeton, North Dakota

Wahpeton Coordinates: 46°16′12″N 96°36′38″W
Wahpeton Country United States
Wahpeton State North Dakota
Wahpeton County Richland
Wahpeton Government
 - Mayor Jim Sturdevant
 - City Coordinator Shawn Kessel
Wahpeton Area
 - Total 5.0 sq mi (12.9 km2)
 - Land 5.0 sq mi (12.9 km2)
 - Water 0.0 sq mi (0.0 km2)
Wahpeton Elevation 965 ft (294 m)
Wahpeton Population (2009)
 - Total 7,418
 - Density 1,718.1/sq mi (663.4/km2)
Wahpeton Time Zone Central (CST) (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
Wahpeton ZIP Codes 58074-58076
Wahpeton Area Code(s) 701
Wahpeton FIPS Code 38-82660
Wahpeton GNIS Feature ID 1033621
Wahpeton Highways ND 13, ND 210
Wahpeton Website