North Carolina Tourist Attractions

North Carolina Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in North Carolina


North Carolina is one of the states of United States of America located towards the southeastern front. North Carolina includes a total area of 136,413 square kilometers out of which 126, 504 square miles covers the total land area and the remaining 9,909 covers total water body. On the basis of total area, North Carolina is ranked in 28th position among all other states of United States. North Carolina’s capital city is Raleigh. Charlotte is the largest city of North Carolina. The state has many attractive places of historic importance and is visited by millions of tourists each year.

  • Charlotte museum of history: This is one of the famous historical museums of North Carolina. It has many furniture displays. Every year many national and international exhibitions are conducted here.

  • Charlotte nature museum: The charlotte nature museum has many amazing exhibits especially of the natural world. It has many activities of children’s interest. Einstein’s corner is one of the major attractions of Charlotte museum.

  • Charlotte- Hendrick Motorsports Museum: if you are a motor sports lover, then you should certainly visit the Charlotte-Hendrick Motorsport Museum. The museum covers a total area of 15000 square foot. It has many exhibits of racing cars, motor cycles, carriages etc.

  • Mint museum of art: The mint museum of art is important for its display of American art, Spanish art, African art, Asian art etc. Its displays mainly include coins, costumes, textiles, paintings, pottery etc.

  • Paramount’s carowinds: Paramount’s carowind is a dazzling amusement park located in charlotte. It is one of the major attractions for family and every one from kids to the elderly persons will enjoy here. Attached to this amusement park is a water theme park, the Boomerang Bay.

  • Huntersville- Historic Latta Plantation Park: This is another major attraction of North Carolina. As the name implies, it depicts the modes and details of plantations especially, the ones which existed hundreds of years back. It was opened in 1976 and it gives us a clear idea of plantation, land owners and slaves of ancient period.

  • Greensboro arboretum:  Greensboro arboretum is important for its botanical displays. Arrangement of many flowering plants in beautiful way is one of the major attractions of this park. May and June is the flowering season and more tourists are attracted during this time.

  • Guilford Native American art gallery: It is situated in Greensboro. The important displays of Guilford Native American art gallery includes many paintings and art collections especially those of Native Americans.

  • Natural science center:  It is one of the most interesting and informative attractions of North Carolina. The main feature of natural science center is the presence of zoo, planetarium and plethora.

  • Weather spoon Art Museum: It is situated in the North Carolina University campus. It has displays of ancient and modern art of the Southeast U.S. The displays mainly include paintings, sculptures, statues etc.

  • Blandwood Mansion: This mansion was constructed in 1846 for John Motley, the former Governor of North Carolina. Its interior décor and pattern will take us to the mid-19th century.

  • Guilford Courthouse National Military Park: This military park is actually constructed on the site where a revolutionary war was fought in 1781. It was constructed by the Federal Government and has many military related displays.

  • Marbles Kids Museum: It is situated in Raleigh and is one of the major attractive sites for the children. The major attraction here is the Wachovia IMAX Theater, which is a large 3D theater.

  • North Carolina Museum of Art: The North Carolina Museum of Art is situated in the capital city Raleigh. It has many paintings, art works not only of the American artists but also of the European and African artists.

  • North Carolina Museum of History: This museum is also situated in Raleigh. The North Carolina Museum of History has many amazing displays of historic importance including those of ancient life, civil wars etc.

  • North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences: The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is situated in Raleigh. This natural history museum is the largest in southeast America. It is important for its wide wildlife area and the beautiful bird sanctuary. The most outstanding display of this museum is that of Willo. Willo is a dinosaur which has fossilized heart.

  • Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Art Design: The Bellamy Mansion Museum of History and Art Design is located in Wilmington. Its displays mainly includes paintings, art works etc.

  • Greenfield Park and Gardens: The Greenfield Park and gardens was built around the Greenfield Lake and hence named so. The major activities of the Greenfield Park includes trial walking, skate park, botanical display etc. the park also has a tennis court and amphitheater.

  • Cape fear museum: This is a historical museum situated in the Wilmington. The displays give us information regarding the historical, cultural and scientific aspects. The museum has eight permanent exhibits.

  • North Carolina Arboretum: The North Carolina arboretum is located in the Asheville. It spreads around an area of 426 acres. The aim of this arboretum is “to cultivate connections between plants and people through creative expressions of landscape.” Apart from the botanical display, other important attractions here are the walking trail, hiking, biking opportunity etc.

North Carolina Featured Attractions

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High Point, North Carolina

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NC Tourist Attractions

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  • Appalachian National Scenic Trail (State of North Carolina National Park in North Carolina)
  • Cape Lookout National Seashore (Harkers Island National Park in North Carolina)
  • Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site (Flat Rock National Park in North Carolina)
  • Chinqua Penn Plantation and Vineyard (Reidsville Historic Site in North Carolina)
  • De'Tours in Elizabeth City (Elizabeth City Tour in North Carolina)
  • Fort Raleigh National Historic Site (Manteo National Park in North Carolina)
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina)
  • The Roanoke Rapids Theatre (Roanoke Rapids Concert in North Carolina)