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Things to Do in North Carolina

North Carolina – Introduction

North Carolina is one of the oldest and traditional states in US. Some say that North Carolina is the first state that was drafted and signed but though it was not the first to ratify the constitution. Travellers to North Carolina will find it similar to that of American South in terms of its culture and to some extent it is also called the transition state between South and Mid- Atlantic area.

North Carolina offers the visitors endless variety of outdoor activities as well as scenic beauties & it also offers the vivacious taste of Appalachian Music and Culture. No doubt can be raised when it comes to the nature gifted to North Carolina, it has been overtly bounteous with its gifts and this makes the North Carolina a place of heaven for tourist. The western side of the state is dominated by the mountains and the eastern side by sandy islands. If you look through North Carolina you will experience a mesmerising beauty of mountains, valleys, waterfalls, streams, rivers, forestlands and sea shores.

The state gives you every aspect of entertainment, the historic sites introduces you to the history of land on one hand and on the other the amusement parks, gardens, golf-courses gives a reflect on the effort done to promote tourism.

The major key facts about the travel guide for North Carolina are; its capital city is Raleigh, official language is English and the currency used is USD.

North Carolina – See Around

Compared to other states of US North Carolina has decent and well built roads. Its larger cities infrastructure is mesmerising on the contrary the mountain areas still have unpaved roads and in some areas especially on the Outer Banks are inaccessible by automobiles.

Among so many cities of North Carolina only few are popular and serve the purpose of tourist destination. They are Raleigh, Asheville & Wilmington.

Raleigh being the capital city is also a part of the Research Triangle Metropolitan Region; it is a well planned city with oak lined boulevards. The landmarks of Raleigh include Greek-Revival style State, it has many museums and the grand structures of its educational institutes give a beautiful insight of the city. The night life of Raleigh is also infectious and gives great enjoyment.

Asheville is considered to be on the top list in terms of tourist destination, it is very famous for its scenic beauty and also for its cultural scenario. There are many parks and gardens that are prime attraction of the Asheville. Some landmark sculptures, some galleries, opera companies, symphony orchestra, and rock and jazz music concerts.

Wilmington has a perfect picturesque setting and has been generally used for films and television production. The city’s cultural aspect manifest itself in many ways; the city has hosted many film festivals and some famous museums and some music venues. It has some art centres which has live performance. It has some historic sites and because of some beaches in the city its beach activities and water sports is equally famous and on the top list of tourist attraction.

North Carolina – Things to do

The city on North Carolina offers you various and wide range of attraction, on one side it gives historical introduction and at the other point you have the amusement parks, gardens and golfing clubs that gives the insight of today’s tourism attraction. The state also gives the cultural impact and the various outdoor activities. The state is very famous for its outdoor activities and tourist gets enthusiasts with the various activities like beach activities, biking, hiking, skiing and different water sports. Dinning out and shopping are some things that will make the tourist experience the best fun in the state.

Hiking and Camping are the most common sports in North Carolina and the western side of the state provides enough trails and places for hiking and some places provides space for overnight camping. The Grandfather Mountain is a popular tourist destination and is the highest peak on the Mississippi river. It is very famous for hiking. Some college universities & schools located in Piedmont have a tradition of basketball excellence and they are devoted to follow the sports, this passion of the state has made the North Carolina most famous in college basketball arena.

North Carolina is a very cultured and they patronize arts to a very high extent, be it fine arts or performing arts and literature. North Carolina has gifted the world with the various artist and authors we can emphasize here on the essence of variety in Culture North Carolina has. North Carolina has been home city for both Native American and Immigrants Iris or be it Scots or African Communities.

North Carolina is not known for violence and most areas of the state have relatively very low crime rates. Most of the cities of North Carolina are safe and one must use its common sense while visiting some unfamiliar state so that will bring the safety to one self.

North Carolina National Parks

North Carolina Spotlights

    • Cape Hatteras National Seashore
    • Blue Ridge Parkway
    • Appalachian National Scenic Trail
    • Blue Ridge Parkway
    • Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site
    • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    • Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
    • Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail
    • Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
    • Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
    • Cape Hatteras National Seashore
    • Cape Lookout National Seashore
    • Fort Raleigh National Historic Site
    • Moores Creek National Battlefield
    • Wright Brothers National Memorial
  • Spotlights Mountains Central Coast

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