North Carolina Destinations

North Carolina Destinations: the First State

North Carolina General Introduction:

North Carolina Destination is one of the oldest and the first state of US that was formed and drafted. Though it is said that it was not the first state to ratify the constitution but it is still considered to be the first state of US and the most traditional one. Visitors to the state find the destination to be similar to that of South America in terms of culture and the inhabitants. To some extent it is said to be the copy of South and Mid Atlantic area.

North Carolina Destination offers tourist an endless list of activities and adventures; also the list includes the natural and the scenic beauty of the state. It also offers the vivacious taste of Appalachian Music and Culture. It is true that nature has gifted North Carolina with a bounteous gift and has made the state a place of heaven for tourists. The western side of the state is covered by mountains and the eastern side by sandy islands. If visitors look through the North Carolina they will be mesmerized by its beauty and its surroundings.

The state gives you every aspect of entertainment, the historic sites to introduce you to the history of land on one hand and on the other, the amusement parks, gardens, golf-courses gives a reflect on the effort done to promote tourism.

Popular Tourist Destination of North Carolina

When North Carolina is compared to other states of US in terms of tourist rate the state stands a bit higher than others. It has well built roads, larger cities and great infrastructure that is definitely appreciable.  On the other hand the natural scenic beauty of the state and the adventures and activities make the state the best among all the tourist spots of the US.  

Among all the cities of North Carolina, just a few are popular and well known for tourist destination. They are Raleigh, Asheville & Wilmington.

Raleigh is the capital city and a part of the Research Triangle Metropolitan Region. It has many oak lined boulevards and is known to be a well planned city. There are some great landmarks in Raleigh, one of which is the Greek-Revival Style; also the state has some great museums and educational institutes that are well known for their presence and for their cult. The night life of the city is said to be a remarkable one and is always considered to be the best in US.

The other city of North Carolina Destination is Asheville. It is on the top list of the tourist and is very popular because of its scenic beauty and cultural scenario. Some very famous parks and gardens of the city are worth seeing as they give a small insight of the beauty of the nature. Other famous tourist spots of Asheville are art galleries, opera companies, symphony orchestra and various music concerts held all the year round.

Wilmington is another city of North Carolina Destination. The city is considered to be the perfect spot for films and television shootings. It has many cultural aspects and has hosted some of the film festivals.  Some famous museums related to art, film and music can be discovered in the city. The beach activities of Wilmington are very popular.

North Carolina Destination

The state has lots to offer to tourists and visitors. The activities and the attractions are seen in wide range; they can be varied from the historical sites to the latest technology filled with amusement parks, natural wonder gardens and golfing clubs. The state also gives the cultural impact and the various outdoor activities. The state is well known for its various activities and various kinds of sports. Dinning out and shopping are some things that will make the tourist experience the best fun in the state.

Hiking and Camping are the common sports of North Carolina and are very popular among the residents as well as among the tourist. There are enough spaces in the state for overnight camping and hiking. The highest peak of the Mississippi River that is The Grandfather Mountain is situated in the state and is the most common and popular spot for tourist for camping and hiking. In sports North Carolina is very popular for basketball and the state team has been victorious many times.

North Carolina is a cultured and patronized state to a very high extent, its love for arts, be it fine or performance and literature has been marked on a high position since a long time. It is considered to be the home town for both Native Americans as well as African Communities. The essence of variety in Culture and Traditions is been the unique character of North Carolina Destination.

North Carolina has a low crime rate in most areas and is not known for violence. All the cities of the state are considered to be a safe place for tourist but one should always be on his or her guard while visiting some unfamiliar place so that they stay protected and feel safe.

North Carolina Famous Destinations

Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh Coordinates: 35°49′8″N 78°38′41″W
Raleigh Country United States of America
Raleigh State North Carolina
Raleigh Counties Wake, Durham
Raleigh Founded 1792
Raleigh Government
 - Mayor Charles Meeker (D)
Raleigh Area
 - Total 144.8 sq mi (375 km2)
 - Land 142.8 sq mi (369 km2)
 - Water 2.0 sq mi (2.5 km2)
Raleigh Elevation 315 ft (96 m)
Raleigh Population (July 2010)
 - Total 426,708 (43rd)
 - Density 2,988.15/sq mi (1,097.17/km2)
 - MSA 1,125,827
 - CSA 1,742,816
Raleigh Time Zone Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Raleigh Area Code(s) 919
Raleigh FIPS Code 37-55000
Raleigh GNIS Feature ID 1024242

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville Coordinates: 35°34′48″N 82°33′21″W
Asheville Country United States
Asheville State North Carolina
Asheville County Buncombe
Asheville Incorporated 1797
Asheville Government
 - Mayor Terry Bellamy
Asheville Area
 - City 41.3 sq mi (107.0 km2)
 - Land 40.9 sq mi (106.0 km2)
 - Water 0.4 sq mi (1.0 km2)  0.94%
Asheville Elevation 2,134 ft (650 m)
Asheville Population (2008)
 - City 74,543.
 - Density 1,704.6/sq mi (657.94/km2)
 - Urban 221,570
 - Metro 408,436
  US Census Bureau estimate
Asheville Time zone Eastern (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Asheville Area code(s) 828
Asheville FIPS code 37-02140
Asheville GNIS Feature ID 1018864
Asheville Website

Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington Coordinates: 34°13′24″N 77°54′44″W
Wilmington Country United States
Wilmington State North Carolina
Wilmington County New Hanover
Wilmington Incorporated December 31, 1739
Wilmington Government
 - Mayor Bill Saffo
Wilmington Area
 - City 41.5 sq mi (107.4 km2)
 - Land 41.0 sq mi (106.2 km2)
 - Water 0.5 sq mi (1.2 km2)
Wilmington Elevation 30 ft (9 m)
Wilmington Population (2009)
 - City 101,350 (US: 269th)
 - Density 1,849.8/sq mi (714.2/km2)
 - Metro 354,525
Wilmington Time Zone Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)
 - Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Wilmington ZIP Codes 28401-28412
Wilmington Area Code(s) 910
Wilmington FIPS Code 37-74440
Wilmington GNIS Feature ID 1023269
Wilmington Sister Cities Dandong, China
Doncaster, United Kingdom
Bridgetown, Barbados