Nk知ip Desert

The Okanagan Desert is the other name for Nk'mip Desert, which is a semi-arid area situated in the South Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, mainly around Osoyoos Lake. Some part of the region is called the Nk'mip Desert by the Osoyoos Indian Band, even if other similar parts of the British Columbia Interior, is exactly only semi-arid shrub-steppe.

          In British Columbia, most of the areas are more arid, south part of this Nk’mip desert contains a number of species of plants that are never found elsewhere in Canada. In British Columbia, people use antelope-brush ecosystem to differentiate Nk’mip desert area from other semi-desert's areas. Some of lands of this desert have been changed to irrigate vineyard.

          Actually it is not a desert, which is having natural grassland but less quantity of rainfall. It is the place where people live in a traditional way, and they travel to hunting and gathering places in spring and summer seasons. During the winter, these people lived in underground pit-house villages. In this season Osoyoos people ate dried fish, roots, meat and grains or beans prepared for winter consumption. In those days winter is the season for telling stories, making clothes, baskets, mats and tools for the next year. Here we have Nk’mip Desert centre, it is one of the major component of Nk’mip Project, which is a celebration of the history and modern life of the Osoyoos people.  

          This Desert also includes Pony Trekking, Trail rides, RV park, campground and adventures rides etc. In 2004, the Desert will also consist of an executive style golf course and Spirit Ridge Lodge, a boutique hotel and spa. The Osoyoos Band organizes the Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre as part of its resort and winery complex and which is situated on the east side of Osoyoos.