Nilgiri Hill Station

Nilgiri Hill Station

Nilgiri Hill Station Information

Nilgiri Hills
Nilgiri Hills Elevation 2,637 m (8,652 ft)
Nilgiri Hills Translation Blue Mountains (Sanskrit)
Nilgiri Hills Location
Nilgiri Hills Location Tamil Nadu, South India
Nilgiri Hills Range Western Ghats
Nilgiri Hills Geology
Nilgiri Hills Type Fault
Nilgiri Hills Age of Rock Cenozoic, 100 to 80 mya
Nilgiri Hills Climbing
Nilgiri Hills Easiest Route NH 67 (Satellite view)
or Nilgiri Mountain Railway


Nilgiri Hill Station History

Nilgiri Hills are a series of mountains with 24 peaks in the westernmost division of Tamil Nadu at the connection of Kerala and Karnataka states in Southern India.

Climate - Temperate and Mostly Calm

  • Summer - Max 25ºC, Min 10ºC.
  • Winter - Max 21ºC, Min 5ºC.
  • Rainfall - 1,960 mm.
  • General Information - STD Code: 0423 
  • Area - 2,459 sq kms.
  • Height - 2,280 and 2,290 meters.
  • Required Clothing - Heavy woolen in winter and light woolen in summer.
  • Languages- English, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.
  • Location - Nilgiri region, Tamil Nadu.

Nilgiri hills Location

The Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu lies surrounded by the Nilgiri Mountains.

Nilgiri History       

The history of Nilgiri dates back to 11th and 12th century. It was a division of the kingdoms ruled by the sovereigns of South India viz. the Cholas, the Cheras, the Rashtrakutas, the Pandiyas, the Pallavas, the Ganges, the Hoysalas and Kadambas. The well-known king of Hoysalas Vishnuvardhana (A.D. 1111-1141) had subjugated Nilgiris and curved Nila Mountains into a city.

How To Get There

By Air
Coimbatore is the closest airport from Ooty. It has daily flights to and from Bangalore, Chennai, Trivandrum and Cochin. 

By Rail
Ooty is a narrow test railway associated to Mettupalayam (47-km), which is linked to Chennai and Coimbatore. The train connects Ooty with Coonoor and Mettupalayam. 

By Road
There are common bus services to and from Trichy, Coimbatore, Madurai, Bangalore, Kanyakumari, Palghat, Mysore, Tirupati Calicut, and other significant destinations in South India. It is also connected with big cities of Karnataka and Kerala. 

Local Transport
Kotagiri and Coonoor are also well linked by road with major cities and towns of the state. For local transport, taxis and auto rickshaws are available.

Places To Stay

Lodging is available at hotels, lodges and guesthouses in Nilgiri. It has a number of budget and luxury hotels and other guesthouses and resorts.

Both Western and Indian food and comfortable accommodation are available.

Nilgiri Hills Tourists Attractions

Ooty Lake: 

Ooty Lake is the most famous destination in the area. It is very popular among tourists. You can take pleasure in boating or stay in a boat house. The place throughout the summer season sees striking boat races which are organized for 2 days at the lake. Besides, there is a children's park with a toy train.

Doddabetta Peak: 

Doddabetta is a beautiful tourist point in Nillgiri Hills at a height of 2,623 meters. It provides an unusual view of Nilgiri peaks. Doddabetta is a famous spot in the city.

Botanical Gardens: 

Botanical gardens are popular tourist destinations. These gardens are maintained by the Government of Tamil Nadu, Branch of Horticulture. Beautiful lily ponds adorn the garden. A big attraction is the Monkey- puzzle Tree.

Other beautiful Tourist Attractions in Nilgiri Hills are as follows:

·  Law's Fall
·  The Pykara Dam
·  Mukkurthi Peak
·  Sprawling tea plantations

List of Peaks in the Nilgiri Hills

No. Local Name Height English Name Location
1 Anginda peak 2,383 metres (7,818 ft)   11°12′26″N 76°27′51″E
2 Chinna Doddabetta 2,392 metres (7,848 ft)    
3 C 2,448 metres (8,031 ft) Club Hill  
4 Coonoor Betta 2,101 metres (6,893 ft) Teneriffe  
5 Derbetta 2,531 metres (8,304 ft) Bear Hill  
6 Devashola 2,261 metres (7,418 ft)    
7 Dimhatti Hill 1,788 metres (5,866 ft)   11°26′N 76°01′E
8 Doddabetta Peak 2,637 metres (8,652 ft)  

11°24′10″N 76°44′14″E

9 D   Dolphin's Nose 11°22′N 76°54′E
10 E 2,466 metres (8,091 ft) Elk Hill 11°23′55″N 76°42′39″E
11 Glulur hill 1,148 metres (3,766 ft)   11°28′N 76°45′E
12 Gulkal Malai 2,467.7 metres (8,096 ft)   11°14′47″N 76°28′1″E
13 Hadiabetta Hill 1,155 metres (3,789 ft)    
14 Hecuba 2,375 metres (7,792 ft)    
15 Hullikal Durg 0,562 metres (1,844 ft) Tiger Rock Fort 11°19′N 76°53′E
16 I   Ibex Hill 11°27′N 76°35′E
17 Kattadadu 2,418 metres (7,933 ft)    
18 Kolaribetta 2,625 metres (8,612 ft)    
19 Kolibetta 2,494 metres (8,182 ft)    
20 Konabetta 2,066 metres (6,778 ft) Sigur Peak. 11°30′N 76°46′E
21 Koodal Betta 2,183 metres (7,162 ft) Echoing rock 11°28′N 76°50′E
22 Kudikkadu 2,590 metres (8,497 ft) Avalanche Hill  
23 Kulakombai 1,707 metres (5,600 ft)    
24 Kulkudi 2,439 metres (8,002 ft)    
25 Kundah Betta 1,998 metres (6,555 ft)   11°07′N 76°43′E
26 Kundah Mugi 2,344 metres (7,690 ft)   11°24′N 76°51′E
27 Muttunadu Betta 2,323 metres (7,621 ft)    
28 Mukurthi Peak 2,554 metres (8,379 ft)   11°23′29″N 76°31′38″E
29 Maruppanmudi hill 1,528 metres (5,013 ft)   11°31′N 76°27′E
30 Nadugani Peak 2,320 metres (7,612 ft)   11°13′48″N 76°27′37″E
31 N 1,438 metres (4,718 ft) Needle Rock  
32 Nilgiri Peak 2,474 metres (8,117 ft)   11°24′0″N 76°30′4″E
33 Pichalbetta 2,544 metres (8,346 ft)    
34 R 2,248 metres (7,375 ft) Rallia Hill 11°25′N 76°53′E
35 S 2,530 metres (8,301 ft) Snowdon 11°25′27″N 76°43′45″E
36 Tamrabetta 2,120 metres (6,955 ft) Coppery Hill  
37 Vellangiri 2,120 metres (6,955 ft) Silvery Hill  

Nilgiri Hill Station Hotels / Resorts

Nilgiri Hils Resort / Hotel Name Rent / Night
The Monarch Safari Park ( 3 Star Equivalent Hotel )

$38  -  $150  (Rs. 1900  -  7500)