Nightlife in Alabama

Before unveiling the Nightlife in Alabama, let us learn few facts about Alabama. Alabama is a state situated in the United States in the southeastern region encircled by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Gulf of Mexico, Florida to the south and Mississippi to the west. Alabama is also designated as the Yellowhammer State, after their state bird. Synonymously known as the “Heart of Dixie”, Alabama’s state tree is the Longleaf Pine and its state flower is the Camellia. Though the capital of Alabama is Montgomery, Birmingham still remains the largest city by population in Alabama.

Nightlife in Alabama:

Alabama State has an impressive nightlife. Although this state is in no comparison with either New York or California, it has its own charm with great parties every night for travelers. Alabama is a state that emphasizes on performing arts followed by numerous programs performed on various seasons. Among the best places of Alabama State is Alabama Symphony Orchestra which hosts classical music and programs designed especially for families. Another place in this state for arts is the Opera Birmingham which hosts seasonal programs for the fall and spring months. Switching to the clubs and disco’s, the day-to-information of the actual partying nightlife in Alabama is available in the Birmingham News that provides the updated information on the rocking and hottest clubs and disco’s in the city of Alabama. Alabama is famous for its rich musical history and is a paradise for people who thoroughly enjoy rhythm and blues or jazz. Ona’s Music Room in Alabama is the best place for jazz lovers hosting shows from Thursday to Saturdays. For youth who love to rock, The Nick will certainly be the best place to pay a visit. Alabama State caters numerous clubs to a large number of college students attending the University of Alabama Birmingham. Though the nightlife in Alabama is rejuvenating, Alabama lacks in the diversity of music.