Night Life in New York

New York City Night Life

Night Life in New York is world famous. Popularly known as the ‘City that Never Sleeps,’ New York offers various fun activities for night owls. New York is so versatile that it is an epicenter for various aspects like business, finance, fashion, nightlife and entertainment. It offers things to do 24-hours a day. It is indeed a wonderful sight to see the twilight city. While nightlife is usually reserved for singles and fun loving young couples everywhere, NYC offers entertainment options even for families.

Every part of the busy city offers something to do in the nighttime. Some special neighborhoods offer something more than what the others offer as a part of night life in New York.  For instance, the Lower East and the East Village have new music and small rock venues. Greenwich Village is known for its Jazz clubs. Classy jazz places can be found in Harlem Beckon and Upper East Side. Downtown is a huge nightlife hub with its dance clubs, restaurants, bars, lounges and music clubs. The Gansevoort Meat Packing District has the upscale and trendy clubs, bars and restaurants.

The best experience of night life in New York for families would be the Jazz shows. Even people, who are not much of Jazz music fans, would at least try to catch one show just to get that experience. There are many first rate jazz venues in Gotham, which indeed is the Jazz music capital.  The basement room, Village Vanguard, is one of the best jazz clubs in NYC. There are also upscale jazz places that offer luxury fine dining experience such as Blue Note, Jazz Standard, and Lenox Lounge.

Restaurants in the city have their part in the night life in New York. It is not just about eating there. Some of these places are hot sights to see and venues to be after sunset. The same applies to the bars, lounges and the clubs.

Night life in New York is not all about Jazz. There are good comedy clubs, all kinds of bars, night parties, etc., for all kinds of fun. Most New Yorkers hit these fun activities right after they get of work. For tourists and other visitors to the city, nighttime would be the most fun filled New York time. You can spend the day relaxing and doing light activities like visiting local attractions, and spend the night partying away until dawn, as some places are open even until 4 am.