New York Weather

Weather in New York

Planning your trip to New York in accordance to the weather of New York plays a very important role. When you should go, what activities you can do, how much it would cost, and what you should wear or take with you depend on this information.

The best weather of New York can be experienced during the springtime when the average temperature is about 60 F. Summer temperature can go as high as 100 F, but the occasional showers cool the place down. The winters are extreme, but the snowstorms are beautiful and the cold nights very romantic.

Weather of New York by Month

New York Weather in January and February:

The average temperature is between 25 and 35 F. The wind chill can drag it below zero. The weather is wet and cold, along with frozen precipitation or snow. Layered clothing is recommended in these months. The flights and hotels would be available for lesser prices during this time. Activities include ice-skating, clearance sale shopping, basketball or hockey game, Lunar New Year, Dog Show, and museum visits.

New York Weather in March and April:

These months see a temperature range of 30-40 F. The heat wave in April is a good time to be in New York. Warm coat and umbrella are necessary accessories. Activities include, garden visits, park strolls, St. Patrick’s Day parade, Mets or Yankees game, International Auto Show, Cherry Blossom, the circus, and Tribeca Film Festival.

New York Weather in May and June:

These are the best months to be in the city with temperature between 50 and 80 degrees F. Umbrella and light jacket are recommended. Cost of transportation and accommodation could be high, but good deals are also made available. There are several activities to do and sights to enjoy during these months.

New York Weather in July and August:

It can get very hot during these months with the temperature going up to 95 degrees and occasionally above 100 degrees F. The place also gets very humid this time of the year. Light clothing and umbrella are necessary. The vacation can be quite expensive this time. Most people enjoy the beaches in this weather of New York. The best activities of the city are available during this time.

New York Weather in September and October:

This season starts with a humid and hot weather, and culminates with a chilly weather. Summer clothes are fine, but jacket and umbrella are required. This is a peak season in the city and things would be expensive.

New York Weather in November and December:

The temperature ranges from 30-50 degrees during these months. Heavier jacket would be necessary. It is the best time to enjoy the holiday spirits and do some shopping in the city. This season and weather of New York attract people to the local cafes and ethnic restaurants.