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New Mexico State Travel Guide

About New Mexico

New Mexico is an awesome place to go for a vacation. This place has everything that you can think of. People who love adventure sports can indulge in many activities like water rafting, canoeing, camping and hiking. Taos Pueblo is known for its popular historical villages; one can visit the ancient town in Albuquerque and also visit the Georgia O’Keefe’s museum that is in Santa Fe. Planning a vacation in New Mexico can be very exciting as one can feel close to nature as well as be part of it too.

New Mexico Official Language(s) none
New Mexico Spoken Language(s) English 82%
Spanish 29%,
Navajo 4%
New Mexico Demonym New Mexican
New Mexico Capital Santa Fe
New Mexico Largest City Albuquerque
New Mexico Largest Metro Area Albuquerque Metropolitan Area
New Mexico Area  Ranked 5th in the US
 - Total 121,593 sq mi
(315,194 km2)
 - Width 342 miles (550 km)
 - Length 370 miles (595 km)
 - % Water 0.2
 - Latitude 31° 20′ N to 37° N
 - Longitude 103° W to 109° 3′ W
New Mexico Population  Ranked 36th in the US
 - Total 2,009,671(2009)
- Density 16.2/sq mi  (6.27/km2)
Ranked 45th in the US
New Mexico Elevation  
 - Highest Point Wheeler Peak
13,161 ft  (4013.3 m)
 - Mean 5,692 ft  (1,735 m)
 - Lowest Point Red Bluff ReservoirZ
2,842 ft  (865 m)
New Mexico Before Statehood New Mexico Territory
New Mexico Admission to Union  January 6, 1912 (47th)
New Mexico Governor William B. Richardson III (D)
New Mexico Lieutenant Governor Diane D. Denish (D)
New Mexico Legislature New Mexico Legislature
 - Upper House Senate
 - Lower House House of Representatives
U.S. Senators Jeff Bingaman (D)
Tom Udall (D)
U.S. House Delegation 1: Martin Heinrich (D)
2: Harry Teague (D)
3: Ben R. Luján (D)
New Mexico Time Zone Mountain: UTC-7/-6
New Mexico Abbreviations NM US-NM
New Mexico Website

New Mexico Brief History

New Mexico was explored by a Spanish explorer between 1540 and 1542. The first Spanish settlement came into existence in the year 1598 on the Rio Grande River. Later in the year 1610, Santa Fe was made the capital of New Mexico.

In 1848, United States of America took over a major portion of New Mexico. The U.S troops also took over many territories during the Civil War.

New Mexico has been leading in the field of research and development.

Popular Destinations to Visit

New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns National Park

The Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico was designated as a national park in the year 1930. The main attractions of this park are the amazing stalagmite and stalactite that were formed around 60 million years ago. These massive chambers were formed when the water from the ground started dissolving these rocks. The caverns are one of the largest in the world which was discovered around 1900.  The caves always are at 56 degrees F. Irrespective of the season, there are thousands of bats that have made the caves their home. This park contains more than 75 caves.

Inscription Rock at El Morro National Monument

This national monument is at Ramah, New Mexico. El Morro became a National Monument in the year 1906. The monument that was built was a way of preserving inscriptions on the Acoma-Zuni trail. There are natural springs at the base of the Inscription Rocks. It attracts many tourists every year.  

Ruins at Fort Union

There were three forts that were built during 1850-1865. These are the remains of the Fort Union. The fort was basically a military post that served as a base for the Military Department of New Mexico. The Ruins at Fort union is a memorial of the men and women who fought for the West.

The White Sands

The White Sands in New Mexico is a desert area. This area is used as a center by the U.S. military troops for weapon testing and research. The White Sands Missile Range is used by each military branch. The White Sands National Monument is an enclosed area where massive gypsum dunes are maintained for rare animal and plant life.  

Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monuments

The Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument is an archaeological area in the south west part of New Mexico. It is very close to the Gila National Forest which is at the Gila River. This monument has small preserved dwellings that are built with stone masonry. The natural cavities hang at a height of 150 feet from the cliff. The Gila Cliff is a major attraction to tourists.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

The area is paved for 30 miles that leads towards the ruins of one of the largest Anasazi civilizations in the U.S. Thousands of years ago, Chaco Canyon was the center for economy and politics.