New Mexico Tourist Attractions

New Mexico Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in New Mexico

New Mexico Attraction

New Mexico called the Land of enchantment is a part of the Mountain State and is located in the southwest region of the United States. It is a state which offers a large number of attractions that can be enjoyed by the visitors who come here every year. The museums, the scenic beauty, the amusement parks and the different activities offered by the state gets a thumb up from the tourist who gets here. The cuisine and the wine in New Mexico is also among the things that attracts the tourists year after year. Explore the state and enjoy the vacation you have never had or dreamed of before.

Some Best Attractions of New Mexico

New Mexico is rich in its scenic beauty which mesmerises anyone, the food and the shopping experience here is also among the best and you will just fall in love with the place once you get here.

Some of the attractions in New Mexico you should never miss are:

Capulin Volcano National Monument

Have you ever wished to take a stroll into a volcano? The Capulin Volcano is one of the very few volcanoes that invite you to take a walk into it. The two mile road that runs to the summit of the volcano takes you to two self guided trails, one going to the vent at the bottom and the other encircling the rim. Thousands of tourists come here to get their bit of 'volcano experience' and explore what is hidden inside it. The view from the top of the volcano is also one of the reasons why you should visit this monument. Get into the heart of the volcano and explore the mysteries of a real volcano.

Capulin Volcano National Monument Information

Capulin Volcano National Monument Country  United States
Capulin Volcano National Monument State  New Mexico
Capulin Volcano National Monument Region Union County, New Mexico
Capulin Volcano National Monument District Raton-Clayton Volcanic Field
Capulin Volcano National Monument Elevation 2,494 m (8,182 ft)
Capulin Volcano National Monument Coordinates 36°46′56″N 103°58′12″W
Capulin Volcano National Monument Area 3.21 km² (1 sq mi)
Capulin Volcano National Monument Geology Cinder cone volcano
Capulin Volcano National Monument Founded U.S. National Monument
Capulin Volcano National Monument Date August 9, 1916
Capulin Volcano National Monument Management National Park Service
Capulin Volcano National Monument Visitation 57,442 (2004)

Billy the Kid National Scenic and Historic Byway

Named after the notorious outlaw of New Mexico, the historic byway provides an incomparable experience of mountain scenery, sports and recreational areas and much more along it.  The Hubbard's museum located here invites you to a different world exhibiting antique collection from the past, like the life sized bronze horse, stage coaches and Indian art exhibit. The Spencer theatre for Performing Arts, the mountain resorts town Ruidoso, the Mescalero Apache lands and much more can be enjoyed along the historic byway.

Hyde Memorial State Park

This is a vast area of evergreen forest, aspen and shrubs around the Santa Fe National Forest. The Hyde Memorial State park is one of the best places to pack your picnic lunch and enjoy the wildlife and inviting natural beauty. You can watch coyotes, racoons, porcupines and rich varieties of birds and butterfly in their natural habitat in you can wait cautiously for a bit of time. The Hyde State Park also offers snow shoeing, sledging and cross country skiing during winter.

Hyde Memorial State Park
Hyde Memorial State Park Country  United States
Hyde Memorial State Park State  New Mexico
Hyde Memorial State Park County Santa Fe County
Hyde Memorial State Park Coordinates 35°44′12″N 105°50′10″W
Hyde Memorial State Park IUCN Category V - Protected Landscape/Seascape


The Hot Springs

New Mexico has a number of hot springs at different location along it which offers a bubbling basin of natural water. These springs are believed to have healing property and is visited by tourists from around the world to enjoy and sooth their body and soul. Some even claims that the 'fountain of Youth' is present among these hot spring and these relaxing and curing springs are one reason New Mexico has its share of visitors. But many of these medicinal hot springs are present in the very remotest part of the state and hence, a bit of hiking and climbing would be needed to reach them. Enjoy a bath in these bubbling hot springs which can have a temperature up to 100o F.

Old Town

This historic town in Albuquerque is one place where you can walk through the cobblestoned path and enjoy shopping at the many interesting little shops on the sides. This serene village also has a number of restaurants where you can enjoy eating when you take a break from shopping. Take some piece of Mexico with you from one of these little shops which exhibit a number of interesting stuffs. The real wonder about the old town shopping is that you will never get tired of it and can go on from morning till evening shopping and enjoying every place.

Enjoy your next vacation at the beautiful state of New Mexico which is indeed a land of Enchantment.

New Mexico Featured Attractions

New Mexico Featured Attraction Address
New Mexico Museum of Space History Alamogordo, New Mexico
Teako's Giants of Hatch Hatch, New Mexico
Space Murals Museum Organ, New Mexico
Tinkertown Sandia Park, New Mexico
El Santuario de Chimayo Shrine Chimayo, New Mexico
International UFO Museum And Research Center Roswell, New Mexico
Monument to the Flying Paper Boy Queen, New Mexico