New Hampshire Tourist Attractions

New Hampshire Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Attraction

New Hampshire is one place in the United States which offers a variety of attraction in every part of it and in every season. The state gets thousands of visitors every season, who come here to enjoy the historical sites, museums, amusement parks, its geographic beauty, the adventurous hiking trails and much more. There is something interesting in New Hampshire anytime and at everyplace so you won't be disappointed visiting the state anytime around the year.

New Hampshire Attractions

There are a number of places in New Hampshire which are equally interesting and loved by tourist and the localities, visit some of those to get a wonderful holiday you will never forget. A few days in the place is never enough, coz you will still have a handful of unexplored excitement and attraction in New Hampshire which will invite you back to it.

The Beaver Brook Farm

The Beaver brook farm in the North wood region of New Hampshire is among the best place to enjoy your day with your family and loved ones. You can enjoy the nature and the scent of wild flowers in the brook's area which is a vast recreational region of about 2000 acres. The area is also best for activities like bird watching, hiking or biking which can be enjoyed any day in the week from dawn to dusk. Horseback riding and other exciting activities that can be enjoyed equally by children and grownups make this as one of the most family friendly area in any season.

White Mountain Region

This is a rather mesmerising area that will make you fall in love with the place the very first time you set your eyes on it. This area is one of the most photographed and lovely area in the whole state and is also the hikers and nature lovers' heaven which will make you hold your breath and take you to an entirely different world.

The White Mountain national Park located here is also among the places you should never miss while you visit New Hampshire. The national park established back in 1911 is a vast area with nature preserved in its most beautiful and uninterrupted manner. You can hike, camp or bike through this area to get the most beautiful experience of your life where you can enjoy the vast forest and greenery you can never see elsewhere.

Major Towns and Cities in the Region Include:

  • Littleton
  • Whitefield
  • Bethlehem
  • Berlin
  • Gorham
  • North Conway
  • Plymouth
  • Conway
  • Lincoln
  • Campton

Castle in the Clouds

The Castle in the Clouds situated in the 5200 acres of land is the most splendid estate in United States which looks down to the Winnipesaukee Lake. This estate on the Ossipee Mountain also called the 'Locknut Estate' and it is open to visitors all the time. People can come here to take a stroll, hike or to enjoy a picnic lunch. Another attraction of the legendary Castle in the clouds is feeding the giant torts at the Shannon pond and hiking to the beautiful waterfall about 50 miles away from the castle.

Ruggles Mine

Love to have a piece of gem which you have mined out yourself? You can hammer around for mineral treasure at the Ruggles mine which is the oldest and the most spectacular mine in the whole of United States. Explore the tunnels and arched roofs of the large cave like mine of New Hampshire. You can rent a hammer a flash light and a helmet at the Ruggles mine entrance and start hammering at the mine walls to get a piece of amethyst or a giant beryl if you are lucky enough. The mine which is open from mid June to mid October is an entirely new experience for anyone as there is not much place in the world where you can get a free gem by mining yourself.

Cathedral of the Pines

The place with the serenity of prayer and medication welcomes everyone irrespective of the religion to come and medicate into a calm and relieved mind. The calmness and the aura of the place is very much observed once you step into the cathedral area which is surrounded by a number of tall pines. This place also commemorates to thousands who lost their life, saving the motherland. Visit this place if you ever come across it and embrace the spiritual nourishment it gives you.

These may be some of the attractions in the state of New Hampshire but there are still hundreds of them remaining. Enjoying the State to its fullest is never possible as there is always something in New Hampshire that you have never seen. So try out this state for your next vacation and see how you will love it to come back again and again.

New Hampshire Featured Attractions

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USS Albacore - Sub in a Ditch Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Yankee Siege Trebuchet Greenfield, New Hampshire
American Classic Arcade Museum Laconia, New Hampshire
Muhammad Ali's Broken Jaw X-Ray Hookset, New Hampshire
Ruggles Mine Grafton, New Hampshire
Clark's Trading Post Lincoln, New Hampshire
Museum of Family Camping and Hall of Fame

Allenstown, New Hampshire

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