Nebraska Travel Guide

Nebraska State Travel Guide

Nebraska Brief History

It was in 1739 that the French-Canadian explorers traversed the territory called Nebraska when they were on their way to Santa Fe. But the European-American settlement started only in 1848. The Kansas-Nebraska Act divided both the territories of Kansas and Nebraska in 1854 and Omaha was made the capital of Nebraska.

After the American Civil War, Nebraska was included in the territorial limits of the USA as the 37th state. This was way back in 1867. Thecapital was also moved from Omaha to Lancaster. Lancaster was later renamed as Lincoln after the President of America, Abraham Lincoln.

Nebraska Official Language(s) English
Nebraska Demonym Nebraskan
Nebraska Capital Lincoln
Nebraska Largest City Omaha
Nebraska Largest Metro Area Omaha-Council Bluffs
Nebraska Area  Ranked 16th in the US
 - Total 77,421 sq mi
(200,520 km2)
 - Width 210 miles (340 km)
 - Length 430 miles (690 km)
 - % Water 0.7
 - Latitude 40° N to 43° N
 - Longitude 95° 19' W to 104° 03' W
Nebraska Population  Ranked 38th in the US
 - Total 1,796,619 (2009 est.).)
- Density 23/sq mi  (8.88/km2)
Ranked 43rd in the US
 - Median Income  $44,623 (20th)
Nebraska Elevation  
 - Highest Point Panorama Point
5,424 ft  (1,653 m)
 - Mean 2,592 ft  (790 m)
 - Lowest Point Missouri River
840 ft  (256 m)
Nebraska Before Statehood Nebraska Territory
Nebraska Admission to Union  March 1, 1867 (37th)
Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (R)
Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Rick Sheehy (R)
Nebraska Legislature Nebraska Legislature
 - Upper House None
 - Lower House None
U.S. Senators Ben Nelson (D)
Mike Johanns (R)
U.S. House Delegation Jeff Fortenberry (R)
Lee Terry (R)
Adrian M. Smith (R)
Nebraska Time Zones  
 - most of State Central: UTC-6/-5
 - panhandle Mountain: UTC-7/-6
Nebraska Abbreviations NE US-NE
Nebraska Website

More about Nebraska

Nebraska stretches along the Missouri prairie lands to the Great Plains and foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
Nebraska might have derived its name from the archaic Otoe words Ñí Brásge, or the Omaha Ní Btháska, which means ‘flat water.’ This is probably because of the fact that the Platte River flows through the state.

English is the language that is spoken mainly all over Nebraska. A very small percentage of people however use Spanish and Spanish Creole.

Both the summer and winter are excellent times if you are planning a visit to the exquisite land of Nebraska. Winter is especially for adventure-lovers who like skiing, ice skating, and snowmobiling and other snow-sports. In summer, when the weather is really nice, you can go out for hiking and camping in the State Parks and the Great Plains. If you are fond of fishing and boating, this is the nicest time to do so.

With 3000 lakes that will make you unwind yourself with recreational activities and the numerous historic trails, museums, and zoos, it is really a strange fact that Nebraska is still regarded as a not-so-exciting place of America.

Nebraska Things to See and Do

For people who refuse to look down on Nebraska as a farmland stereotype and take time to explore the natural bounties of the state, Nebraska opens her arms for a rewarding experience. The cities are just perfect for an urban vacation, while the diverse geographies of the state ensure that you have a lot to see and do while you are in Nebraska.


If you are visiting Nebraska with your family, don’t miss out on the zoos of Nebraska. The Henry Doorly Zoo is not only one the best zoo in Nebraska, but in America as well. This zoo is the world’s largest man-made jungle and home to a large number of wild species of animals like leopards, monkeys, pygmy hippopotamuses and many other animals. Visit the Kingdoms of the Night – the world’s largest nocturnal zoo.


Museums are one of the urban attractions. If you want to know more about Nebraska, The Museum of Nebraska History is a must-see for you. The museum showcases spectacular exhibits of historical artifacts and anecdotes that narrate history in their own way. Joslyn Art Museum and the Space Museum in Omaha are the other important museums of Nebraska.

Old Market

Omaha and its Old Market are the iconic places of Nebraska. They are the best nightlife spots as well. This area houses some of the best and cheap hotels of Nebraska.


There are plenty of outdoor activities Nebraska has to offer. Camping is one of them. The historical trails of the state are really significant. Most of them in the present day have been subsumed to state parks and are ideal for hiking, biking, and horseback riding if you are really looking for some adrenaline rush out there. The Eugene T. Mahoney State Park is one of the most wonderful parks and has 700 acres of lush greenery and offers activities likefishing and swimming. Ice skating and cross-country skiing are popular during the winter months. You can also camp here and have a wondrous time with yourself and nature.


Golfing is very popular in the summer months. The warm weather and the manicured lawn complement one’s passion for the game. If you are an ardent golf-lover, Omaha is the place for you. However there are lots of golf courses dotted all over Nebraska. For relaxing your nerves, visit the Fontenelle Park Golf Course in Omaha.


Just to repeat, Nebraska has 3000 lakes and miles of rivers and it is not a surprise why fishing is regarded as one of the must-do things in a Nebraska vacation. From crappie, bass and walleye to salmon, trout and stripers – the waters have them all. You can buy or rent yourfishing equipment and enjoy the experience. The only serious thing you have to do is obtaining a permit before you start your fishing expedition.


To make you explore each and everything about Nebraska, there are guided city sightseeing tours and even activity tours. For example, going for an Omaha tour will take you through the best attractions of the city - Joslyn Art Museum, the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, the Omaha Children's Museum and the Old Market. Go for an activity tour and enjoy fishing, hiking, playing golf, and what’s more, a fantastic a wine-tasting tour to the wineries of Nebraska.