Nebraska Tourist Attractions

Nebraska Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions in Nebraska

Nebraska Attraction

Nebraska is a beautiful state located in the Midwestern part of the United States of America.  The state positioned at the planes of the United States was formerly considered to be a great American Desert Area but now it is very well known for the fertile stretch of land which is currently among the leading states in farming and ranching.

Attractions in the State of Nebraska

There are a number of places in Nebraska that would make anyone love it and travelling through this beautiful state will offer an experience that you will never forget. There are a number of spots and places in Nebraska that makes the visitors and tourist love the place and here are some of the spots you should never miss while visiting Nebraska.

World’s Largest Ball of Stamps

This ball of stamps is found at Omaha at Nebraska and is actually made of over 4,655,00 cancelled stamps and measures about thirty two inches in diameter. This largest collection of postage stamp weights almost six hundred pounds. The stamp ball was completed or it actually reached its current diameter in 1955 and the artifact which is displayed to the public without any restriction to touch or view strictly prohibits any addition or removal from the collection.

Strategic Air and Space Museum

The Strategic air museum formerly called the Strategic Air Command Museum can be visited if you go to Ashland in Nebraska. The place which was an Offutt air force base has been converted into an exhibition from the past wars and a lot of equipments and machineries that were used for purposes like bombing. Two of the very important displays in the museum are the 009 Apollo test capsule, the very first one launched into outer space and a single seat jet designed to drop bomb and fly as escort called the XF 85 Goblin or the flying egg.

Strategic Air and Space Museum Collection

  • Avro Vulcan
  • Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress
  • Boeing B-29TB Superfortress
  • Boeing B-47 Stratojet
  • Boeing RB-52B Stratofortress
  • Boeing KC-97G Stratofreighter
  • Boeing EC-135 Looking Glass
  • Convair B-36J Peacemaker
  • Convair B-58 Hustler
  • McDonnell XF-85 Goblin
  • Lockheed U-2C Dragon Lady
  • Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird
  • North American B-25N Mitchell
  • North American B-25N Mitchell
  • Apollo Block I Command Module
  • Rockwell B-1A Lancer
  • General Dynamics FB-111A S/N 68-0267
  • Republic F-105D Thunderchief tail number 61-0069

Heartland of America Park

This park located at Omaha is another tourist attraction spot in Nebraska and is the most peaceful area if you would like a stroll. The 31 acre park located along a riverfront also offers Gondola rides and light shows for its visitors. You can walk along the river and never know the time pass by this park offers the treat f fresh crisp air and vast area of greenery and is never congested at any time.

Henry Doorly Zoo

This largest man made forest in the desert state of Nebraska is a real surprise for anyone who gets here. The zoo also allows a nature friendly stroll through the forest like path, enjoying the view of birds and animals and the sea world offers a very close view of deep water fishes and sharks. The zoo has also been recently chosen as the family Friendly vacation spot in United States by a Disney owned magazine. The exhibits of different animals and the very well crafted forest atmosphere all together make the zoo the best place where everyone from the family can enjoy.

Henry Doorly Zoo Date Opened 1894 as Riverview Park Zoo
Henry Doorly Zoo Location Omaha, Nebraska, USA
Henry Doorly Zoo Land Area over 130 acres (53 ha)
Henry Doorly Zoo Coordinates 41.224703°N 95.928701°W
Number of Animals in Henry Doorly Zoo 17,000
Number of Species in Henry Doorly Zoo 962
Henry Doorly Zoo Memberships AZA, WAZA
Henry Doorly Zoo Major Exhibits Lied Jungle, Desert Dome, Kingdoms of the Night, Scott Aquarium, Cat Complex, Hubbard Gorilla Valley, Hubbard Orangutan Forest
Henry Doorly Zoo Website

Joslyn Art museum

The museum located in Nebraska is an attraction by itself, the exterior which stands out in pink and the more than 30 different marbles used for construction all makes the museum strikingly attractive. It is not just how the museum looks that makes it one of the best attraction in Nebraska, the art collection from the nineteenth and twentieth century like the works by El Greco, Degas,  and Monet  are a treat for art lovers. Besides from these permanent exhibits, the museum also offers a number of kid friendly art and activity.

Fun Plex

This place in Omaha is a must visit if your children are there with you and you want them to enjoy the place and the visit. Fun Plex, which is the largest water theme park in Omaha, offers a number of exciting games and rides for everyone to enjoy. The park entertains everyone irrespective of what their age is and offers land games and rides and water rides at the same time. So never forget to take the kid within you for a ride at the Fun Plex if you visit Nebraska.

Nebraska offers still many spots that will be great to visit and spend time, but to enjoy the heart and excitement of Nebraska you will have to know the state and visit it taking time for each spot.

Nebraska Featured Attractions

Nebraska Featured Attraction Name Address
World's Largest Time Capsule

Seward, Nebraska

Strategic Air and Space Museum Ashland, Nebraska
Birthplace of Kool-Aid

Hastings, Nebraska

World's Largest Ball of Stamps

Omaha, Nebraska

Great Platte River Road Archway Monument Kearney, Nebraska

Alliance, Nebraska

Fall of Saigon, Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles Lexington, Nebraska
Museum of the Fur Trade

Chadron, Nebraska

Nebraska Attractions and Oddities

  • Alda: Monument: Where Brothers Were Pinned Together By An Arrow
  • Alliance: Carhenge
  • Alliance: Dobby's Frontier Town
  • Alliance: Hay Bales, Toilet, and a Chair
  • Arapahoe: Our Lady of Fatima Shrine
  • Arthur: Straw Bale Church
  • Arthur: World's Smallest Court House
  • Ashland: Strategic Air and Space Museum
  • Auburn: Hamburger Man - A&W Root Beer Character
  • Aurora: Edgerton Explorit Center
  • Axtell: Smiley Face Water Tower
  • Bayard: Chimney Rock
  • Bellevue: World's First B-52G
  • Blair: Tower of the Four Winds
  • Boys Town: World's Largest Ball of Stamps
  • Burwell: Two-Headed Calf
  • Central City: Wedding Capital of Nebraska
  • Chadron: Museum of the Fur Trade
  • Clay Center: Tour: U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
  • Crawford: American Flag Painted House
  • Deweese: Dodger the Basset Hound Grave
  • Eli: Petrified Wood Tombstones
  • Friend: Tiny Police Station
  • Gothenburg: Sod House Museum - World's Largest Plow
  • Grand Island: Lavish Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
  • Gretna: Lighthouse In Landlocked Nebraska
  • Hastings: Andy the Footless Goose
  • Hastings: Birthplace of Kool-Aid
  • Hastings: Dine and Dress Like a Diva
  • Hastings: Kool-Aid Man's Footprints in Cement
  • Hastings: Kool-Aid: Discover the Dream
  • Hastings: World War II Bomb Depot
  • Hebron: World's Largest Porch Swing
  • Holdrege: Faceless Fred the Ghost
  • Holdrege: Nebraska Prairie Museum - German POW Story
  • Kearney: Great Platte River Road Archway Monument
  • Kearney: Oxen Pulling a Prairie Schooner
  • Kimball: Missile Center USA - ICBM Missile
  • Laplatte: Hamburger Rock
  • Lexington: Fall of Saigon, Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles
  • Lincoln: Chicken Statue, Piano Requests
  • Lincoln: Chrome Insects, Space Shuttle
  • Lincoln: Johnson Museum of the Odd
  • Lincoln: National Museum of Roller Skating
  • Lincoln: Telephone Museum
  • Lincoln: Touchable Children's Museum
  • Louisville: 2nd Best Restroom in America, 2004
  • Lowell: Boot Hill Cemetery
  • Milford: Campground Wooden Teepees
  • Milford: World's Largest Covered Wagon
  • Minden: German POW Urinal
  • Minden: Harold Warp's Pioneer Village
  • Nebraska City: John Brown's Cave and Secret Tunnels
  • Nebraska City: Tombstone in Shape of Desk
  • Neligh: Motel Room Wall Damaged by Michael Landon
  • Neligh: Pierson Wildlife Museum
  • Norfolk: Johnny Carson Display
  • North Platte: Fort Cody Trading Post
  • North Platte: Golden Spike Tower
  • North Platte: Swimming pool shaped like Nebraska
  • Northport: Shoe Fence
  • Ogallala: Crystal Palace Revue
  • Ogallala: Petrified Wood Art
  • Ogallala: UFO Water Tower
  • Omaha: 9/11 Wings of Angels, Ball of Hands
  • Omaha: Boys in the Plastic Bubbles - Zoo's gorilla view
  • Omaha: Dine While Raccoons Scavenge
  • Omaha: Gerald Ford Mini-Museum: Display of Golf Clubs
  • Omaha: Gondola Boats in Omaha
  • Omaha: Grotto Next to a Mental Hospital
  • Omaha: Heartland of America - Computerized Fountain
  • Omaha: Performing Arts Sculptures
  • Omaha: Plaque: Japanese Balloon Bomb Exploded Here
  • Omaha: Sapp Brother's Coffee Pot
  • Omaha: Signs: Malcolm X Born Here
  • Omaha: The HI Tree
  • Omaha: Union Pacific's Big Boy
  • Paxton: Ole's Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge
  • Peru: Sandstone Cliff Carvings
  • Plainview: Klown Doll Museum
  • Royal: Ashfall Fossil Beds
  • Scotia: Happy Jack Chalk Mine Tour
  • Scottsbluff: Hay Bale Roadside Rest
  • Seward: World's Largest Time Capsule
  • Superior: Largest Model Airplane Collection in Nebraska
  • Syracuse: Otoe County Museum of Memories
  • Unadilla: Unadilla Bill, Dead Weather Groundhog
  • Wahoo: Home Office Of The Late Show with David Letterman
  • Waterloo: Sleep in a Union Pacific Caboose
  • York: Backyard Zoo