This place was inhabited by the Polynesian and the Micronesian people for the first time and then on numerous local tribes had come and mixed with the population of this country. The people of this country call their island as ‘Naoero’. The first colonial power or a person to visit this place was the British hunter John Fearn during the end of the 18th century. Then Germans this island and ruled for a period of almost 40 years from 1890. This island gained attention as an important centre for food trade. The Germans annexed this island country in the year 1888 and incorporated it with Marshall Islands. But the scenario of this island has changed once Phosphate was found here in 1900. During the First World War Australia took control of this island. British Phosphate Commission was formed here in the year 1919 through an agreement.

Capital: Yaren District
Continent: Oceania
President: Baron Waqa
Currency: Australian dollar
Official languages: English Language, Nauruan Language
Government: Non-partisan democracy, Republic


Nauru got independent from the hands of the Australia, New Zealand and the UK administrative board in 1968.

Government and politics

The republic of Nauru has a parliamentary system which is headed by the president of the country. in every 3 years, a unicameral parliament having 18 members is elected that is guided by the president. President also possesses the right to appoint the cabinet that consists 5-6 members. The active political parties of this country are: Nauru First, the Democratic Party and also the centre Party. The government of this country handles almost all the issues of this small island country. An elected leader or a member can’t have the right to a member of the parliament at the same time. The legal system of this country is bit complex and the head of the Supreme Court is the Chief Justice. Parliament doesn’t have the power to overturn any court verdicts.
Under a very informal agreement, Nauru doesn’t have any kind of armed forces and Australian government has the total responsibility to look after the border-security of this country.

Nauru flag


This small and over-shaped island in the west part of the Pacific Ocean is considered as a touristparadise by many travel-freaks of the world. Exotic natural setting, gorgeous view of the sea and unlimited natural beauties has altogether made this island stand apart from the rest of the world. Long stretches of sandy beaches are splendid to visit and the coral cliffs are always a bonus in this island. You can enjoy some calm moment here under the clear blue sky and in the midst of palm trees.


The economy of this island is entirely dependant upon its natural resource Phosphate which is also declining. Apart from that some small scale industries can also be found here and many people also rely upon small scale mining. Lack of infrastructure is a problem for the growth of IT industries here and there is no such big foreign investments here. This country is also dependant upon the investment policies taken by the Australian government to increase the economic growth of this country. Presently this country lacks capital to perform some of the necessary functions of the government. There is no type of personal taxes in this island. But lastly it needs to be mentioned that if the tourism infrastructure here can be developed properly then that can bring lots of benefits for Nauru.


The population here has decreased for the past 5-6 years. English is the most-spoken language of this nation and apart from that Nauruan is the official language of this island. Christianity is main religion of this island along with some Buddhist people.


Here one can see the typical Polynesian culture among the locals and the influence of the colonial powers like the British can also be found. Traditional music and art are considered as the chief ingredients of the Nauruan culture. Fishing and football is also quite popular among the people of this country. But due to the close positioning with Australia, the impacts of Australian culture and customs have made the most prominent impact upon the Nauruan culture.


The estimated population of this island is about 9,285

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