National Park of Arizona

National Park of Arizona

Before discovering about the National Park of Arizona, let us first discover Arizona.

About the State of Arizona

Arizona is a state in the United States of America situated in the southwestern region of America. Arizona, a part of the Western United States and the Mountain West state is the sixth most wide-spread state besides being the 16th popular state among all the other states of the United States. Phoenix, the capital of Arizona is its first largest city; followed by Tucson as the second popular city of Arizona. Arizona attainted its title of a state on the 14th of February 1912 upon being admitted in to the Union. Arizona has desert climate in the southern half with extremely hot summers and moderately mild winters. The northern half of the state of Arizona has pine forests, Douglas fir, spruce trees, the Colorado Plateau and other mountain ranges, for instance - the San Francisco Mountains, deep canyons. These mountain ranges have temperate weather for all the seasons of the year in addition to the considerable snowfall. Arizona, the non-coastal state of the United States has the Grand Canyon National Park, various other national forests, national parks and many other national monuments.

The National Park of Arizona

The National Park of Arizona is the

Grand Canyon National Park

About The Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona State is the 15th oldest park in the United States. This National Park of Arizona has Grand Canyon, a ravine of the Colorado River that is regarded among the Wonders of the World. The National Park of Arizona is spread across an area of 1,902 square miles or 4,927 square kilometers. The South Rim of the Arizona state welcomes its visitors on the Arizona State Route 64. The Highway of the Arizona State takes the visitors into the park through the South Entrance near Tusayan, Arizona, and then heading eastwards through the East Entrance. The headquarters of the National Park of Arizona is at the Grand Canyon Village which is just a walk away from the South Entrance. This location is also among the most popular viewpoints of the tourists and visitors of the park. A small tourist spot is found on the North Rim by way in the Arizona State Route 67 with no road transport between the North Rim and the South Rim tourist spots except through the Navajo Bridge near Page, Arizona which is a five-hour drive. The other way connecting the two rims is through Las Vegas, Nevada and the Hoover Dam. The rest of the National Park of Arizona is rocky, craggy and isolated while the others are reachable by pack trial and country roads.

List of Arizona National Parks

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