Nation Park in Arkansas

Arkansas National Park

The state of Arkansas is home to one national park namely the Hot springs national park. This nation park in Arkansas is located in the Garland County, close to the city of Hot Springs. This park is the smallest of all the national parks in the USA.  The main attraction of this national park is the hot springs. They originate from the Hot springs Mountain of the Ouachita mountain range.  The mountain and the springs are preserved keeping in mind the natural hydrological system of the springs.

Hot Springs and Rocks

The hot springs from the mountain are known for their therapeutic properties and hence the reserve has been nick named – The American Spa. Apart from these bath-houses, the park is an excellent spot for hiking and camping. The Gulpha Gorge is an excellent camping site. The park is covered in a variety of rock formations such as: sedimentary and igneous rocks. Shale, novaculite, chert and sandstone are the sedimentary rock types.

Flora and Fauna

The forest cover of this area is quite interesting. The park is a deciduous forest with oaks and hickory dominating the northern slopes. The southern side is predominated by pine trees. Many of these trees are as old as 130 to 200 years. The forest was known for Bisons, elks, red wolf and Cougars. However, due to human settlements for the hot springs, they are said to have abandoned the park. Today one can see Opossums, rabbits, squirrels, Coyotes, Weasels, Minks and Armadillos among many other species of small animals. The park also plays host to some migratory birds.  

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