Motorcycle Shipping Services

Motorcycle shipping is a different ball game when it comes to using services to transfer them from place to place. One of the main hurdles that one faces is that the pickup and delivery dates of motorcycles are estimates. So it is important that as a customer you have realistic expectations of the services offered in this sector.

Motorcycles can be shipped by open or closed trailers. Majority of the shipping services use closed trailers for transporting motorcycles. This is because motorcycles are more sensitive to external weather conditions such as snow, rain and sun. However, open trailers can be used for transporting motorcycles though a short distances not more than 500 miles.

Door-to-door shipping of motorcycles is an option that exists and is good for people who want to save time. But there are a few limitations to this, meaning that some large cities have a restriction on big trucks entering residential areas. Hence one might need to pick up the motorcycle from the highway or a large parking lot nearest to the place of delivery. 

Payment for motorcycle shipping services can be made either in advance or on delivery, depending on the service provider’s terms of payment. Some might even allow credit card payments upon delivery. It is better to check the payment options available with your service provider.


The motorcycle to be transported must be insured against theft and damage. This is a part of the service to be provided by the motorcycle shipping company. Make sure to check this clause before you finalize the shipping and check the damages claim procedures that you can make in case of one.

Once you have finalized on the shipping service and the date then it is time to prepare your motorcycle for pickup. Wash the motorcycle thoroughly, remove your battery and drain the gas tank as a precautionary measure. If your vehicle has an alarm, disable it and also remove or secure any loose parts. Also remove the accessories and fold the rear-view mirrors. It is important to make a list of any operational problems so that the driver and the company are aware of it before hand.

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