Morocco is the country which is situated in the North Africa. The country has the coast on Atlantic Ocean which reaches past to the Strait of the Gibraltar in the Mediterranean Sea. The country has worldwide borders in the east to Algeria, in north to Spain and in South to Mauritania.

Capital: Rabat
Currency: Moroccan dirham
King: Mohammed VI of Morocco
Continent: Africa
Official languages: Arabic Language, Berber languages


The region of the current day Morocco is populated from the times of the Neolithic which is the period when Maghreb was arid less than today. The large number of the theorists believed that the people of the Amazigh are termed as Berbers by their local racial identity. The country was termed as the Mauretania in classical period.


It is the 3rd most populated country in the Arab after the Sudan and Egypt. The large number of theMoroccans are the Sunni Muslims of the Berber, Arab-Berber stock and Arab. Nearly about the 3 quarters of all the entire citizens of the country are of the Berber descents, where as on the other hand the Arabs form 2nd largest racial groups.

Morocco Flag

Government and Policies:

The country is the constitutional monarchy of the de jure with the elected parliament. The king of the country with the powers of the vast executive can also deploy ministry and dissolve government among another prerogatives, the political parties of the opposition are the legal and large number of the parties have been formed in current years.

Culture in Morocco:

Morocco is ethnically different country with the rich civilization and culture. As the history of the country told that the country has hosted the large number of the people that have come from East as the:

  • Jews
  • Phoenicians
  • Carthaginians
  • Arabs

From north the:

  • Vandals
  • Romans
  • Andalusians

And from the east the:

  • Sub- Saharan Africans

All these civilization had very significant impact on social structure of country.


The GDP of the country is 7% of African continent according to African Development Bank. The country is the 5th economic power of the country in the year 2006 with the GDP of the $152.5 billion at the PPP, after the:

  • Egypt
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Algeria


The country has the very high developed infrastructures in the Africa. Morocco is served by the network of the 57,847 km of the secondary and primary roads out of which the 30,254 km is paved. With the increasing number of the road system and the licensed automobiles particularly in the urban areas, has become very congested. Certain plans are recently under the way to modernize the railway system of the country which has played a very significant role in transport of the phosphates and derivatives.

Airports in Morocco

Agadir Almassira Airport Er Errachidia Airport Meknes Airport NAF Airport Sania Ramel Airport
Anfa Airport Essaouira Airport Menara Airport Ouarzazate Airport Sidi Ifni Airport
Boukhalef Airport Goulimime Airport Mohamed V Airport Safi Airport Smara Airport
Charif Al Idrissi Airport Hassan I Airport Moulay Ali Cherif Airport Sais Airport Tan Tan Airport
Dakhla Airport Les Anglades Airport Nador Airport Sale Airport Tarfaya Airport

Education :

Under the law in the year 1962 the primary education of 6 years was made compulsory. The instruction language in the primary school is Arabic at the time of the first 2 years and in the next 3 years both French and the Arabic are used. Partly French is the language of the instructions in Secondary schools, the customarily religious schools are attended by the only the few students. The government of the country is unified for the system of the public school but also has given the permission to the private schools for continuing due to the lack of substitute resources.

Neighboring Countries:

The neighboring countries to Morocco are:

  • Algeria
  • Spain
  • Mauritania

Geographical Settings:

The country covers the total area of 446,550 sq km. The country is the 57th largest country in the entire world after Uzbekistan. The country is comparable in size to the Iraq and is little bit larger than California which is the state of US.


The country gained its independence from France on 2nd March 1956 and got the independence from Spain on 7th April 1956.

Total Population:

The total population of the country according to the estimates of the year 2007 is 33,757,175 which placed the country at 37th number among the category of the most populated countries in the entire world.

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Morocco Tourist Attractions:

  • Jemaa el-Fnaa
  • Hassan II Mosque
  • Atlas Mountains
  • Bahia Palace
  • Koutoubia Mosque
  • Hassan Tower
  • Majorelle Garden
  • Bou Inania Madrasa
  • El Badi Palace
  • Menara Gardens