Monuments of Alabama

List of most significant monuments of Alabama

Alabama is an East South Central state of United States with many civil war historic sites, trails and museums that serve as the best memorials of the state. With more than thirty six National historic landmarks, there are many significant monuments in Alabama that represent the state’s history from pre-colonial era to the civil war and civil rights movements to the development of space program. Even though each monument is unique in its own way, some of them played vital role in the history of Alabama.

Historic monuments of Alabama:

Civil rights memorial center:

The Civil Rights Memorial Center, located at Montgomery is one of the famous monuments in Alabama built in the memory of the people who died in the struggle for equality and integrity during the civil war movement in the United States. Sponsored by the southern poverty law center, this memorial includes the names of those who died between the years 1954 to 1968.

Marshall space flight center:

Named after the General George C Marshall, this space center became the original home of NASA on July 1, 1960. Located on the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama this space center supports space shuttle launch, international space shuttle launch and experiment operations, experiment activities of Kennedy Space center etc.

Tuskegee Airmen National historic site:

Located in the Tuskegee, it is one of the popular monuments in Alabama that served as the training grounds to the African-American pilots during World War II. The history, experiences and courage of over 15,000 military pilots from 1942 to 1946 are replayed to the tourists as they tour the museum and park at Tuskegee. Moreover, the hangar museum located near this monument depicts the in-depth experience of each cadet while they were trained and faced racial injustice.

Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail:

Established by Congress in 1996 this famous monuments in Alabama represents the route taken by Martin Luther King Jr and others during the Voting Rights March of 1965. This 54 mile trail route stands as a tribute to the sacrifices made by the thousands of people representing many races and nationalities in the triumph to preserve the right to vote.

The bethel Baptist Church, Parsonage and Guardhouse:

Built in 1926 by African American working class in Collegeville, Birmingham, this church is considered as the well-known monuments in Alabama which served as the headquarters for Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights from 1956 to 1961.

Birmingham Museum of Art:

Founded in 1951, the Birmingham art museum is one of the renowned monuments of Alabama and largest museum in the southern United States. With more than 24,000 collection of art work from ancient to modern times featuring paintings, drawings and decorative art pieces of various cultures including European, Asian, American, Pre-Columbian, African and Native American, this museum has many community and educational programs designed for kids and adults of all age groups.