Montana Vacation Destinations

Montana Vacation Destinations

Vacation in Montana is like a dream come true which one would love to have. This place is like a paradise where you can enjoy doing immense sort of activities for fun and thrill. It is located in the western part of the United States. Montana has many nick names which are unofficial including "The Treasure State" and "Big Sky Country." In Montana the economic source is from oil and coal mining, ranching, hard rock mining, wheat farming and tourism. Annually millions of tourists visit Montana, which has lots of places for vacations.

This place is full of mountains, rivers, and greenery. Before you start any vacation it’s better to have knowledge about the particular place to obtain most from it. Montana has hundreds of destination places like museums, parks, recreations and other tourist attractions.

Yellowstone National Park

 This park was established in 1872 and it is America’s first National Park. Here we can find wide range of wildlife like bears, bison, wolves and elk. You can even find here a collection of World’s most extraordinary hot springs, geysers and the grand canyon of the Yellowstone.

Conrad Mansion

It is a Monument building, the Mansion belongs to the founder of Kalispell, Charles Conrad and it is also the Mansion of his children and grand children. This Mansion will take your breath away with beautiful painted ceilings, stained glass windows and multiple fire places.

Miracle of America Museum

This museum focuses on very unusual old time technology vehicles from the last century or two. Here you can find sheep powered tread mills. The Museum also has reconstructed the pioneer’s village and conducts “Live History Days” on June 15th and 16th of every year.

Marcus Daly Mansion

This is a very gorgeous mansion with white pillars and green arbors. The millionaires Marcus Daly and Copper Baron build this as their summer farm house for their family and friends. Today the Mansion welcomes all the tourists to have a glimpse and enjoy.

The Art Museum Of Missoula

It is a contemporary and rotating Exhibit, with mixed media, traditional media and unusual media. If you like your art surprisingly then this is the place where you want to end up.

Amazing Ventures Fun Center

As the name suggests it is the fun center which has noted attraction Glacier Maze. This is an outdoor maze made up of plywood, all walls, ladders and towers with clues too. It takes an hour to travel in the maze. Once you are done with the Maze, you can go for miniature Golf and bumper boats to have fun.

Garnet Ghost Town

It was a mining community fed by gold strikes, but after 1950 it was deserted. Few buildings are conserved and the others are ruined. We can explore throughout the preserved buildings inside and out.

Fly Fishing Discovery Center

This is the Discovery center where you can learn and teach your kids about fly-fishing. Here you will see cold and warm water fish controlling environment, and they even exhibit on tackles and flies. If you are more into research, you can check out the library for the massive collection of books and journals.