Officially Monaco is known as the Principality of Monaco and is the small independent city which is situated in the Western Europe. The country lies on northern coast of Mediterranean Sea. The Monaco is entirely enclosed by the country France. Oftenly the country is regarded as the tax haven and number of its population are rich and are from the foreign countries, though they are not in the majority. As it is the self governing country but still the defense is the responsibility of the France.

Area: 202 ha
King: Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Continent: European Euro
Population: 37,579 (2012) World Bank
Currency: Euro
Official language: French


The country has got its name from colony of the Phocaean Greek in 6th century BC. Subsequent to the land endowment in the year 1191 from Emperor Henry VI, the country was re- founded in the year 1228 as colony of the Genoa. Since 1297, the country was ruled by House of Grimaldi, when the Francois Grimaldi and his people captured fortress protecting the popular Rock of Monaco although he was decent as Franciscan monk, while it was only the coincidence that the name of the area and his name was same.


The population of the country is remarkable in that local Monegasques are minority in the country. The biggest proportions of the inhabitants are the French nationals which are followed by the Italians and Monegasque. The remaining population belongs to another 125 nationalities which makes the country’s international population. The official language of the country is the French but the 2 local languages are the English and Italian. Occitan and Monegasque are the languages that are also spoken.

Monaco Flag

Government and Policies :

The country is governed as the constitutional republic since from the year 1911. The branch of the executive in the country consists of the Minister of State. The Minister of the State is the citizen of French who is elected by prince from the candidates that are proposed by French government. According to the constitution of the year 1962, prince shares the authorities with Unicameral National Council.


The culture of the country is characterized by presence of racial groups as the

  • French
  • Monegasque
  • Italian

From the total population of the country the majority of the inhabitants are the supporter of Roman Catholic faith. The culture which is found today in the country is influenced by racial tribes that are present in the country and from their religious beliefs and traditions.


The chief source of the income in the country is tourism. In every particular year the large numbers of the tourists are attracted towards the pleasant climate and casino. The main novel construction venture extended pier which is used by the cruise ships in chief harbor in the year 2001.


As the country is small, highly developed enclave in territory of French, thus is the part of the healthy developed infrastructure of the French. The electricity is offered completely by the France. There are 50 km of the paved roads and 1.7 km of the railroads, which also includes the highway and the railroad, is linking the southern France with the Monaco next to Mediterranean. The telecommunication is included within the telephone system of French. The country enjoys the very rich developed infrastructure.

Education :

The country has 10 state operated schools, which consists of the 7 primary and nursery schools, 1 lycee which provides the technological and general training and 1 secondary school. The country also has 1 international school and 2 grants- aided denominational private schools. The education in country is provided from Pre School to secondary and the technical levels and also is compulsory for the age group of 6- 16 years.

Neighbor Countries:

The only country which is near to Monaco and also shares its boundary with the country is France.

Geographical Settings:

The country is entirely bordered by the France to south, north and west and to east the country is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea. The country covers the total area of 1.95 sq km.

Independence :

Monaco gained its independence on 1297 from House of Grimaldi.

Great Persons in Country:

The following are some of the great person in the country:

  • Albert of Monaco
  • Princess Caroline
  • Princess Stephanie
  • Prince Rainier III

Country Famous For:

Monaco is famous for its two car events i.e. Monaco Grand Prix and Monte Carlo Rally.

Total Population:

The total population of the country according to the estimates of the year 2007 is 32,671.

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Monaco Tourist Attractions:

  • Oceanographic Museum
  • Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo
  • Monte Carlo Casino
  • Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort
  • Opera de Monte-Carlo
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Monaco-Ville
  • French Riviera
  • Prince's Palace of Monaco
  • Grimaldi Forum