Modesto Attractions


  • The county seat of Stanislaus County in California is called Modesto.
  • The metropolitan city called Modesto is a place of various interests and attractions. A large number of people visit this place for a variety of Modesto attractions.
  • Off late the tourism industry of this city and the nearby areas have improved a lot for which there was a dramatic rise in numbers of people from both distant and native places for holidaying in this area.

Aim to visit

  • Before we look at the places of interest in Modesto lets have a look how good the city is in accommodation for tourists and other visitors.
  • Well, the city has quite a large number of comfortable and affordable hotels in the area to accommodate visitors without trouble.
  • Many hotels have their own tourist guides and cabs to take around their guests to the places of attractions in Modesto.
  • Even Modesto is a vibrant community which is proud of their multicultural lifestyles and great traditions.

Let’s have a look at some popular tourist attractions of Modesto.

McHenry Mansion

  • If you want to feel the elegance of the Old Mansions then this is the perfect one to visit. This massive and magnificent mansion is included on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • There’s a museum across the Mansion called McHenry Museum which gives you complete knowledge on history of Modesto.
  • Besides these there are many events and happenings in this place or nearby which occur in particular days like on third Thursday you have fine dinning and Tango dance.

McHenry Mansion

  • A place is to witness art and appreciate.
  • McHenry Mansion is the place of a bronze statue made in the honor of Modesto filmmaker George Lucas.
  • McHenry Mansion located at a place called Five Points.


  • If you’re looking for complete refreshment and fun, then visit this vibrant and full of energy place called Downtown.
  • Downtown better for you visiting this place by night to experience the lively environment of restaurants, bars, and clubs.
  • Downtown place is also the home of Gallo Center for the Arts and Brenden Theaters multiplex.

Bike Trails in Modesto:

  • Do you have a passion for bikes and want to test drive your skills.
  • Modesto offers you an exciting experience for a three paved off road paths which a 5.5 mile drive.
  • Just get the right map and get started.

Lotus Gardens

  • Eye witness the 80 variety of lotus in a pond in this Lotus Gardens
  • Besides Lotus Gardens you will find more than 20 types of water lilies in this pond.

More Attractions

  • This is not the end in Modesto attractions.
  • You have different other activities like Modesto farmers market where you can:
    • Buy farm fresh fruits and vegetables
    • Play frisbee golf
    • Have a thrilling experience in skating in Skate park
    • Share a hookah!
    • Visit different eateries with various recipes
    • Feel the juvenile nature of the smoke filled shaking night clubs
    • Enjoy Nuts baseball game and much more in Modesto.
  • The place has always something new for you whenever you visit here.