Minnesota Tourism Places

Minnesota Tourism Places

Minnesota Tourism Places

Minnesota is one of the happening states where you can go for a vacation. It is in the northern American whose culture is influenced by Europeans and Native Americans. It is also known as the ‘Land of 10000 lakes’. Its name originates from the work Dakota which means ‘sky tinted water’. The state which has one of the least populated in the country, it stands 21st in the list of most populated states. 60 percent of the total population lives in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Saint Paul is the capital city of Minnesota since 1858. In the recent past it has become a favorite destination for many tourists who want to spend their time in private. Minnesota is known to have some of the nicest people. There is also a saying which says ‘Minnesota nice’.

Places to Visit in Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the most beautiful states of America. There are nearly 10000 lakes in this state out of which you can go to the top 5 best lakes. As there are lots of water bodies in the state, you have lot of scope to go for water sports.

Here is a list of places you can visit in Minnesota

Northwestern, Minnesota

This is the best place you can afford to stay as you get some of the best lakes Minnesota has. The largest lakes of the state are present in the northwestern region of the state. Also the Mississippi river enters America from this state so you can also experience the head waters of the river. The best places to visit in this area are the Lake of Woods, the Red River Valley and the Mississippi Headwater Lakes. The natural beauty which surrounds this area gives you a peaceful experience to your stay.

Northeastern, Minnesota

This area is for those who love spending time outdoor. Lake Superior is the special attraction in this region. There are some amazing forests and woods where you can go for hiking, camping and trekking. Duluth is the biggest city in this region which will also give you the taste of life in metro. Apart from this you will also get to see some beautiful waterfalls and rapids. Iron Range is a mining camp which can prove to be an educational tour for you.

Central, Minnesota

The capital is in this region which will give you ample entertainment in your vacation. The major activity in this region is the golf courses. It has around 70 scenic golf courses where you can swing the clubs and see how good you are in playing golf. Having the capital city, you also have the chance of going to some of the historic monuments which are present in this area. You also have lots of malls where you can shop and rest your fit in some very posh pubs and restaurants.  

Southern, Minnesota

To witness beautiful landscapes, then you are bound to go to southern region of Minnesota. The river Mississippi and the several other simple streams beautify the landscapes of the southern Minnesota. The culture of the region is mainly influenced by Dakota Indians. You have many museums and monuments which you can visit in this region. For those who love photography, you surely need to take out your cameras as you may get some of the best scenic beauties to capture.

The other region of Minnesota is the metro region which is placed right at the corner of the state. It lies between the central and southern regions. This area is more appealing to the tourists as it is comprises of the capital city and also the more developed areas of the state. You have some amazing restaurants and museums in which you can spend your whole day.