Michigan Travel Guide

Michigan Travel Guide

Michigan is one of the major state of America which is situated in the Midwest and heart of the Great Lakes region. It has huge and many attraction, some famous landmarks and scenic beauty that is admired by millions. National Parks, Forest & its other agricultural features are considered to be tourist friendly. Its cities include some major metropolis, university towns and countless rustic villages. The area coverage is one of the greatest, it is covers about 12,000 inland lakes, some around 38 deep-water ports and more miles of coastline than any other U.S. state but excluding Alaska. Michigan comprises two major peninsulas and is divided into five main distinct areas; Southeast, Western, Central, Northern & Upper.

Native Americans have lived in the state for more than a century now and they have also seen the establishment of French by a Jesuit Priest. Though the British did take possession at some time in the year 1760, during the French and Indian War, but later the state became the part of United States after the American Revolutionary War in 1783. Michigan is said to be the thriving tourism industry of America.  

There are several tourist destinations in Michigan which includes the following: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Saginaw, Saugatuck Douglas, and Sault Ste Marie. The capital city of Michigan is Lansing.

The other major key facts for the Guide can be summed up: Currency used is US Dollars; the official language is English. The climate of the state is humid continental.

Official language(s) None (English, de-facto)
Demonym Michigander
Capital Lansing
Largest city Detroit
Largest metro area Metro Detroit
Area  Ranked 11th in the US
 - Total 96,716 sq mi
(253,793 km2)
 - Width 386 miles (621 km)
 - Length 456 miles (734 km)
 - % water 41.5
 - Latitude 41° 41' N to 48° 18' N
 - Longitude 82° 7' W to 90° 25' W
Population  Ranked 8th in the US
 - Total 9,969,727 (2009 est.)
- Density 179/sq mi  (67.55/km2)
Ranked 16th in the US
 - Median income  $44,627 (21st)
 - Highest point Mount Arvon
1,979 ft  (603 m)
 - Mean 902 ft  (275 m)
 - Lowest point Lake Erie
571 ft  (174 m)
Before statehood Michigan Territory
Admission to Union  January 26, 1837 (26th)
Governor Jennifer Granholm (D)
Lieutenant Governor John D. Cherry (D)
Legislature Michigan Legislature
 - Upper house Senate
 - Lower house House of Representatives
U.S. Senators
  • Carl Levin (D)
  • Debbie Stabenow (D)
U.S. House delegation 8 Democrats
7 Republicans
Time zones  
 - most of state Eastern: UTC-5/-4
 - 4 U.P. counties Central: UTC-6/-5
Abbreviations MI Mich. US-MI
Website http://www.michigan.gov

Michigan Popular Destination

There are many tourist destinations in Michigan among them the best ones considered are Detroit and Lansing. Detroit is said to be the favourite place for the music lovers and they do appreciate their visit to the Motown Historical Museum on the other hand, the automobile love can also get enthusiastic by visiting Detroit Historical Museum. It is also popular for the Belle Isle Zoo where the children engrosse themselves for hours and hours.

Lansing on the other hand is the capital city of Michigan and is also known as the centre for business, education and culture. The largest university, University of Michigan is situated in the capital city. Visit to Lansing Old town can give an option to the antique lovers to do the shopping for the same.

Michigan Economy & Infrastructure

Michigan economy was depending on the auto industry but now it has been diversified somewhat to traditional manufacturing industries. Now it’s been attracted to more of the Information Technology & High-tech manufacturing jobs. Tourism is another sector growing in the segment of economy which is focusing on the winter shows in the snow and summer activities in the beaches, lakes & rivers. Popularity of these activities is growing every day and thus in turn increases the number of tourists.

Michigan Culture

Michigan can be uniquely said as Diversity Culture Exhibits. It lies upon Art, Films & Music. Michigan is a perfect blend of urban modernization well equipped with all latest technology as well as on the other side there still lays the simplicity of the rural areas, where much technology is avoided thus everything found there is sweet and simple. Michigan different states are known for its creativity in different fields such as Detroit famous for its hand on creativity in Arts and Music. A large numbers of North Americans can be seen residing near the banks of Mississippi River. On the other hand we can also see a strong association of African and American culture. The presence of the association can also be seen in the Cultural Association hosted every year.   

Michigan Things to Do

There is so much to see and do in the state that before the first trip is over one starts to plan the next one. Many history lovers find this place to be ideal, one for their holiday spot in both terms whether is it learning or sightseeing, there are many museums and historic places where one can find most of the history of North America. For more fun and adventure there are zoos, one can also explore the lighthouses, the time spend there will be best one in the life time. For some heart throbbing adventure one can spend their day in a cruise, also can rent a dune buggy, tame a wild water park and can enjoy to its fullest. As said earlier also the culture is diversified here and one can find maximum creativity in Music, Arts & Films. So if your cup of enjoyment is culture Michigan, then this will definitely prove itself to be the best one among the lot. There are many festivals going on around almost the entire year and also the arts shows are performed round the year.

Michigan also provides a wide range of food services and the spirit of a special theme is considered to be the best one. Romantic candle light dinners near the lake, picnics and lunches near the wild life parks. Fresh fruits are served in breakfast and they are brought from the orchids of Michigan. The snacks are served in the Ski Lodge. It is said that the dinning in Michigan is always proved to be excellent and is a perfect accent in the Vacation for the Tourist.