Mexico travel guide

Mexico is a unique and a lively country with a Spanish touch and a Native American Heritage. The country offers everything from deserts studded with cactus to exotic sandy beaches with blue waters, jungle clad-hills and tropical rain forests to rocky canyons and gorges. In the midst of all the natural beauty, you will still be able to enjoy the facilities of busy modern cities.

Attractions of Mexico

Mexico City

Mexico City is has one of the highest population densities in the world and the highest altitude in the entire north America. The city flourished through a valley engulfed by beautiful ice-capped mountains and volcanoes.

The city is rich both historically and culturally and has to offer many attractions. There is a huge open space in the city centre, which is known as the Zocalo - the city square of Mexico.

Mexico had been built from he stones and remnants of the ancient temples and palaces. It is the second largest city square in the world after the Red Square in Moscow. You will be able to find the city's biggest and most lively market at La Merced.

Mexico features numerous bizarre and fascinating stalls. The most remarkable and puzzling archaeological sites rest in Teotihuacan, with had been made by ancient culture that has been long forgotten.

Pacific Coast

Mexico's Pacific coast has some of the major beach resorts of Mexico as well as some serene, less visited beautiful sites and small villages which are guarded by the lush jungles that reach all the way down to touch the clear Pacific waters.

Some international beach resorts are situated in the central coast such as the Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. These resorts offer exclusive seafood together with tons of tourism attraction activities. This region of Mexico comprises of scenic bays, golden beaches, brilliant surf and an active nightlife.

Baja California

The Baja California is situated parallel to the west coast of mainland Mexico. The peninsula is detached by the Sea of Cortez. It has been divided into two different states: the Baja California Norte and the Baja California Sur. This is considered to be one of the driest regions in the world. It is geographically diverse and offers some beautiful bizarre scenery that includes superb blue bays, while sandy beaches, deserts and rock-strewn cliffs. Some fine resorts can found around the coast together with some modern towns.