Capital: Port Louis
Area: 2,040 km²
Currency: Mauritian rupee
Government: Parliamentary republic
Continent: Africa

History & Etymology

To tell the early history of Mauritius, one needs to go back to the 10th century when the Arab traders used this place for trade. Then first the Portuguese and afterwards the Dutch had ruled and exploited over this entire region for a considerable amount of time. Dutch left this place with social-evils like slave-trade, tobacco etc. during the 18th century both the British East India Company and the French came and dominated over the entire place. But for these outside forces, the local people also got benefited through sugar-mil, hospital, roads etc. thus like any other African countries, Mauritius also had to go through those period of white-dominance and political inconsistency.

When Mauritius got freedom

Mauritius got it’s independence from the hands of the British government in the year 1968. And then Mauritius officially got the republic-status 1992. today Mauritius is one of the travel paradise of this world.

Mauritius Flag


For many it’s like a tropical paradise and we can realize the trueness of this comment by visiting this beautiful African country. Part of the great Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is a combination of fascinating landscapes, volcanoes along with some gifted natural extravagances. This place is like a piece of paradise for many newly married couples. Geographical setting and the tropical climate of Mauritius has made this country one of the hot shooting spots for many film-directors of this world.


From the time of its independence, Mauritius has always depended upon it’s agriculture for economic growth. Bulk of the economy of this country is depended upon tourism and agriculture. Small scale industries and tourism are two sectors that hold the lifeline of the economic development of Mauritius. But being an African country, one added advantage of this country is the fact that it has always remained one of the hottest tourist spots of not only Africa but of the world. Thus the financial development of Mauritius is almost entirely depended upon tourism industry. Annual growth of this nation has always been 5%-6%. Another important statistics is that Mauritius, Seychelles and Libya are the only three African countries with a higher percentage of ‘Human Development Index rating’.


a mixture of ethnic groups is a very interesting thing to be noted in Mauritius. Most of the people here are descendants from Indian subcontinent. Other are from different places like; Africa, France, china and Britain. English is spoken by the heavier percentage of people in Mauritius. French is also used in certain parts of Mauritius. As here a large number of Indians live, Hindi, Gujrati, Punjabi and Urdu can also be heard in many parts. Blend of various religions is another thing to see in Mauritius; people belong to various religions like Hindu, Catholic, and Islam all together live here peacefully.


Mauritius is a place where you would never get bored because here you would be finding every type of people from Gujrati, Punjabi, South-east Asian and European. The reflection of these mixed cultures can be prominently seen among the custom and tradition of the people of this country. Mauritius dishes are a combination of Chinese, European and Indian. A very common Mauritian beverage is "alouda", it is a milk-based drink that basil seeds. Various Indian come and performs here all through the year. Also the rituals and customs are to be seen in Mauritius. Thus this place is really unique because of it’s diversity in every aspect

Country famous for

Mauritius is one of the hottest travel places of this world. Many couple can’t even think of going any where else to spend their holiday or honeymoon except Mauritius. The gorgeous landscapes, tropical beauties and fascinating sceneries will please the eyes and mind of any tourist.


The approximate population of Mauritius is 1,265,870.

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Mauritius Tourist Attractions:

  • Ile aux Cerfs
  • Flic-en-Flac
  • Black River Gorges National Park
  • Tamarind Falls
  • Trou aux Cerfs
  • Blue Penny Museum
  • Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden
  • La Preneuse
  • Ganga Talalo
  • Mare aux Vacoas