Massachusetts Tourist Attractions

Massachusetts Tourist Attractions

Top Massachusetts Attractions

Massachusetts is one of the most popular states in United States of America. It is located on the eastern coast of the continent and has some major cities in it. Boston is one of the biggest cities which are present in Massachusetts. It has a multi cultures society and is the best place to go for a vacation, one of the busiest cities across the world is in Massachusetts. It has a long history baggage along with it which starts way back in the past. The state is known have produced revolutionary politicians for America. Adams family and the Kennedy family are natives of this state. So if you are planning to visit Massachusetts be prepared to take along your history books as you may need it.

Top Massachusetts Attraction

The state is filled with many attractions all across the land. It has some of the finest aquariums and also has wide spread golf courses. You are in one of the most populated cities if you end up in Boston. Below are the top 5 attractions in Massachusetts.

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium is one of the oldest aquariums, which are present in the world. It was found in the year 1969 and is now one of the most visited aquariums in the world. It is well known for its conservation of rare species. Many researches are also being done in this aquarium. New England Aquarium is known for providing habitat which is very close to the nature. The aquatic animals are not caged which leads to their healthy growth. You can book your visit by online.

New England Aquarium Date Opened June 20, 1969
New England Aquarium Location Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Number of Animals in New England Aquarium 20,000
Number of Species New England Aquarium 600
New England Aquarium Memberships AZA, AAM
New England Aquarium Website


This is an amazing theme park which is in Boston. The name itself suggests that it is a haunted house theme which is present in the place.  It is also used by Hollywood as a set for the movies produced in it. This is the first interactive adventure which you will be going through in this theme palace. It has an Egyptian backdrop which will lead you into the most horrific decorations and set up. So if you dare to face the Pharaohs then you better enter this place.

Longfellow National Historic Site

For the people who are very interested in knowing the history of Massachusetts then you can give this place a visit. It is the home of the late Henry Wadsworth Longfellow who is a 19y century poet. His work is appreciated even by the modern scholars. You can go to the place where he once lived and feel the presence of Longfellow in his articles which are still preserved in the house. The house is a symbol of the great poet who has revolutionized poetry in the early 19th century.

Longfellow National Historic Site Location Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Longfellow National Historic Site Nearest City Cambridge, MA Nearest city: Cambridge, MA
Longfellow National Historic Site Coordinates 42°22′36″N 71°07′35″W
Longfellow National Historic Site Area 2 acres (8,093 m²)
Longfellow National Historic Site Established October 9, 1972 Established: October 9, 1972
Longfellow National Historic Site Visitors 36,660 (in 2005)
Governing Body National Park Service

Edgartown Light

Edgartown Light is the lighthouse which is present in the Martha Vineyard. The nearest town being Edgartown, the lighthouse was named after the town. It was built in the early 1800s. It is still standing tall and strong on the coast of Massachusetts till date. It was one of the first lighthouses which used to guide ships in the storms in those days. Today there is a museum which tells about the history of the lighthouse. Not only that, it is also a very good spot to check out your photography skills.

Edgartown Light Location: Edgartown, Massachusetts
Edgartown Light Year First Constructed: 1828
Edgartown Light Year First Lit: 1939 (current structure)
Edgartown Light Automated: 1939
Edgartown Light Foundation: Granite blocks
Edgartown Light Construction: Cast iron
Edgartown Light Tower Shape: Conical
Edgartown Light Markings / Pattern: White with black lantern
Edgartown Light Focal Height: 45ft (14m)
Edgartown Light Original Lens: Fourth order Fresnel lens
Edgartown Light Current Lens: 250mm
Edgartown Light Range: 5nm
Edgartown Light Characteristic: Flashing red every six seconds
Edgartown Light Admiralty Number: J0440
Edgartown Light ARLHS Number: USA-265
Edgartown Light USCG Number: 1-15420

The Mappirum

Have you ever tried to look at the earth from the inside? Well here is your chance. Mappirum is located in Boston which is a hollow globe where you can see the map standing inside the globe. This is one of the trademarks of the city. The Mapparium was first opened in 1935, ever since many visitors have crossed the 30 foot bridge to have a glimpse of the earth from its womb. This is a world famous monument which has a 3 storey glass painted map. The map of the world is based on the map of 1935. So when you visit the Mapparium then don’t be surprised to see your country in a different place!

Massachusetts Featured Attractions

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The Mapparium Boston, Massachusetts
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