Maryland Vacation Destinations

Maryland Vacation Destinations

The River Plantation Vacation Destination

  • The River Plantation is located along the beautiful Chesapeake Bay shoreline which in itself is an added bonus. Another advantage is that it is pretty accessible as the place is a sixty mile drive from Washington DC.

  • One can choose among the many bed and breakfast options available locally. The Manor House and the Irishtown are two examples of such bed and breakfast places.

  • One can also take some fly fishing lessons from a professional while cruising on the Wye River. The River Plantation has a 55 acre big clay course. Here one can just let go of all the worries and enjoy a game wherein a person is given a shotgun and has to shoot clay discs.

  • There are also two amazing well decked fishing yachts called Miss Pintail II and Empress Pintail II which would take the guests into the Chesapeake Bay for some more action.

Queen Anne’s County

  • Queen Anne’s County is one of the famous Maryland vacation destinations. It comes after one crosses Chesapeake Bay and although the Chesapeake Bay does boast of a beautiful shoreline, Queen Anne’s county too has many scenic waterfronts coupled with the natural surrounding beauty.

  • Adventure junkies can participate in a variety of water sports here. One can indulge in water skiing, swimming, boating etc and when one has had enough of exertion they can head out to some of the historical sites in the vicinity.

  • People can also buy a bit of the rich history by visiting some of the antique local shops. Though it has a waterfront, Queen Anne’s county is also a haven for land lovers as many hikers and a couple of bikers come over here as the trails here are both challenging and at the same time relatively safe.

  • For the people who like to relax and are not interested in such activities here can  always visit huge golf courses and shopping outlets. 

Kent Island

  • Kent Island like the rest of the places in Maryland has a lot of historical significance as this was the third place in all of America wherein the first of the English had settled.

  • This place is situated right at the foot of Chesapeake Bay and has a lot to offer to a tourist. Though sometimes considered off beat, this place has some of the best antique shops and one can get a good deal here.

  • This is also a place for artists and one can witness many new talents showing off their skills in the local shops.

  • Though it has a lot of historical importance, one can see that they have not been left behind by the present. That is why one can enjoy a lot of Victorian architecture beside Chesapeake Exploration Center.

Cross Island Trail-

  • This is a great tourist attraction due to the things and views it has to offer. This trail covers up a huge portion of the shoreline. It covers six miles from the Terrapin Nature Park right up till Chesapeake Exploration Center.

  • The trail itself is 10 feet wide. This makes it easier for people to either bike their way or even skate from one point on the trail to another.

  • The scenic view along the trail does make it hard for people to concentrate as it is nothing but six miles through some of the most beautiful meadows, through some sections the trail is surrounded by forest on both the sides as well as certain sections of fields and marsh.

  • One can slowly proceed while gulping down nature and the variety of wild life which survives here. It offers a very unique experience to the regular tourist and is an experience one should not miss.

  • A person can end their trip at the Chesapeake Bay or else enjoy the local cuisine at some of the good restaurants on the waterfront at Kent Narrows. These restaurants offer a huge choice of seafood prepared with the fresh catch.