Maryland Transportation

Maryland Transportation

  • Maryland’s transportation is an amalgamation of roadways, railways and a collection of airports, both domestic and international as well as waterways. These are the four broad categories. With the exception of airways all the other three categories have some type of public transportation facility in place.

Maryland Roadways

  • Maryland has a huge network of roadways comprising of inter state highways as well as local freeways etc. This network includes nearly 110 miles of I-95 which enters the state from the north eastern side and ends in the eastern region of the state. I-68 has the length of 81 miles in the state of Maryland and is used to connect the western region of the state to a small town called Hancock.

  • The I-70 too plays an important role in connectivity as it has the length of 93 miles. This highway enters the state of Maryland via Pennsylvania and goes up till Baltimore while connecting many other towns on the way.

  • This network is put to use by many different road transport agencies. The Maryland Transit Administration uses a lot of this network of roads to provide public transport from one location to another at a cheap price.

  • The Maryland Transit Administration has also included certain express shuttles with limited stops on selected routes.

  • One can find information regarding the route maps, Maryland Transit Administration offices, timings of the buses etc on their official website. Thus, this bus service makes it easier for people to travel locally.

  • Other bus services like the Greyhound bus service which provides inter state bus services also have offices in Maryland.

  • There are dedicated routes on which these Greyhound buses ply as well. There are special services provided to student’s tourists etc by the Maryland Transit Administration.

Maryland Railways

  • The Maryland Transit Administration has also introduced a Metro Subway system. This railway service is a bit restricted as it operates within a radius of 14 stations only.

  • The length of this railway service is up to 15.5 miles. This railway system begins at Owing Mills corporate and shopping complex and goes through downtown Baltimore covering up all the major stops.

  • One can purchase a ticket at a nominal price and travel to one of the 14 stations on the route.

  • This system is extremely user friendly and even provides the option of carrying a bicycle along as well as other facilities like on board map system etc.

  • The light rail is another option which is slightly more expensive than the metro subway system. The light rail travels on street level and not underground. There are 33 stations in all which is more than the metro subway.

  • Moreover it is a barrier free facility as one can use the ticket vending machines that are available at all the stops. Maryland Area Regional Commuter Train Service (MARC) is another commuter rail system to facilitate travel within the state of Maryland.

  • This rail system covers areas like Harford County, Baltimore City, Washington D.C., Brunswick, Frederick as well as Martinsburg.

  • There are three major lines which are sub categories of the Maryland Area Regional Commuter Train Service. These three lines are the Penn line, Brunswick line and Camden line.

Maryland Water Transport

  • The state of Maryland has an expansive coastline and this coastline also includes the Chesapeake Bay which goes up to hundreds of miles.

  • Thus, water transport is huge in the state of Maryland. Almost every major city in Maryland has their own harbor. Many of the people are boat owners themselves and prefer to travel by boat from one place to another.

  • Private boats are not the only option and one can choose from the number of ferry services available. Ferries normally ply between places on Chesapeake Bay and between the mainland and Kent’s Island etc.

  • These ferries are used to transport vehicles as well as people from one place to another.

Maryland Transportation Authority

Maryland Transportation Authority Jurisdiction Maryland
Maryland Transportation Authority Headquarters 2310 Broening Highway, Baltimore, Maryland 21224
Maryland Transportation Authority Agency executive Beverley K. Swaim-Staley, Chairperson
Maryland Transportation Authority Parent agency State of Maryland
Maryland Transportation Authority Website