Maryland Tourism Places

Maryland Tourism Places

The state of Maryland is located to the South of Pennsylvania and to the North of Columbia.  Maryland is located in a picturesque location and has a lot of places to visit all around the country. The maximum area of Maryland borders the Atlantic Ocean which gives Maryland a long coast. Also, Maryland is known for its culture and art and all cities attract tourists to see the city culture and art galleries. To see the tourist locations in Maryland, one can divide Maryland into five regions- Western, Capital, Central, Southern and Eastern Coast.

Western Region, Maryland

  • There are many beautiful cities to visit in the Western Region of Maryland. The historical city of Hagerstown is located in this region. The National Battlefield is located in this city and the Civil War of 1863 was fought on this battlefield. Apart from being a historical city, Hagerstown is known for its cultural scene.

  • Cumberland is another historical town situated in the valley of Mountain Maryland. One can see the 19th century stone-paved sidewalks along the main roads of Cumberland. The famous line, “George Washington slept here” was in Cumberland.

  • Deep Creek Lake is located in this region. It is the largest freshwater lake in Maryland. Tourists have many options of hiking, camping on the lakeside, swimming and playing golf along the lake. In winters, ice fishing can be done in the Deep Creek Lake. A winery and a brewery are also located near the lake.

  • Rocky Gap is a peaceful and a serene lake where one can relax and enjoy all that Maryland has to offer. Jack Nicklaus golf course is located alongside the lake.  

Capital Region, Maryland

  • Bethesda is located to the northwest of the capital region, Washington D.C. It is known for its art culture and galleries. It also hosts many festivals throughout the year like a literary fest.

  • Silver Spring is an animated city near the capital region. The Silver theatre and cultural center hold exhibitions throughout the year. Along with art exhibits, Silver Spring is known for theatre and drama. Literary adaptations of old theatre and dramas are conducted in the city theatre. Besides drama, its holds Jazz shows in many city centers which attracts many tourists. It is also known for its eating joints and Irish pubs which is rare in interior America.

  • Frederick is Maryland’s second largest city. Historical city of Frederick is known for the candlelight ghost tours which highlight the city’s history especially during the Civil War. Like other cities, this city also has many museums and art galleries.

Central Region, Maryland

  • Aberdeen is known for the Ripken Stadium. It is also known for the U.S Army Ordnance Museum which has kept army artifacts since American Revolution.

  • Annapolis is one of the most important cities to visit in Maryland not because it is the state capital but because of the variety of historical sites it has to offer. There are parks and museums which reflect the history of Annapolis. Maryland State House has a wooden dome which is unique and a tourist attraction. It also has a history of maritime legacy. It is the headquarters for U.S Naval command.

  • Baltimore is a city with a coast, by the bay. There is a place called Little Italy which offers Italian delicacies. There is the National Aquarium and the Arts Museum which are tourist attractions. The Railroad Museum helps to know railroad history in America.

Southern Region, Maryland

  • Chesapeake Beach is a beautiful place with a beach resort for tourists to relax.

  • Piney Point is a lighthouse and a museum where most of the presidents had their holiday resorts. One can come to this location by a boat.

Eastern Coast Region, Maryland

  • Berlin- Assateague breeds horses along the beach. Tourists can horse ride along the beach and can fish or surf too.

Coasts and beaches are all along the Eastern coast.