Marshall Islands

Capital: Majuro
Continent: Oceania
President: Christopher Loeak
Population: 52,555 (2012) World Bank
Currency: United States Dollar
Official languages: English Language, Marshallese Language

History & Etymology

The early history of this place goes way back to the 500-2000 BC. Various European countries at different times came here and exploited the people of this island. Though this island was first discovered by a Spanish trader, Russians and even the British came and explored various parts of this island. During the 20th century, Germans had come here and this place became a crucial point during the 2nd World War. In modern days, this island is used for various research works on chemical products and plants.

Demographics, neighboring countries

The natives of Marshall Island originally belong to the Micronesian origin and they mostly prefer to speak English as their official language. Most of the Marshallese here are Christian. But the sad part of all is that this nation has most number of Leprosy patients in this world.
Marshall Island is bordered by Australia, Hawaii and several other small islands.

Marshall island Flag


Marshall Island is a combination of 5 islands & 29 atolls. The crucial atolls are divided into 2 groups; Ralik Chain & Ratak Chain. Most of the Marshallese lives in the capital city of Majuro. Rural population dominates this particular atoll. Ailinginae Atoll, Bikini, Bokak, Jemo, Nadikdik, Toke etc are some of the uninhabited atolls of this island. The climate of this place is not very hot and sticky. Pacific typhoons can be seen here in certain time of the year.

Government & politics

This nation, consists of 24 electoral districts, has a mixed parliamentary system that holds an election in every 4 years. The government is formed by elected senators from different atolls. The parliamentarian ‘upper house’ of Marshall Island is called the ‘Council of Iroji. Currently this island has been ruled by 3 political parties AKA, UDP & UPP. But this small island seems to remain unperturbed regarding the political events. Here you would only be finding various natural beauties.


The economic growth of this island almost entirely dependant upon USA. Small agricultural firms and various small-scale industries is the lifeline of the economy of Marshall Island. Commercial crops such as; tomatoes, coconuts and the melons hold a major part of the business. Apart from that this islandis also famous as a tourist destination and this country earns a huge benefit from the tourismindustry. But to become a major tourist attraction, Marshall Island needs to develop its tourisminfrastructure. Till today, the World Bank helps this country in its financial resources but the government needs to focus more on how this nation can have an overall development.


There is nothing unique as such regarding the culture of Marshall Island; various local tribal along with the Hawaiian culture can be still seen in this small island. While touring in this beautiful island, it’s always a great treat to watch the oceanic boat-racing. Apart from that you can even get too see local rituals and events performed by the
Marshallese. Especially the tribal dance and the handicrafts is something that holds the cultural evidence of the Marshall Island.

Airports in Mashall Islands

Ailinglapalap Island Airport Elenak Airport Jeh Airport Majkin Airport Tabal Airport
Ailuk Island Airport Enewetak Island Airport Kaben Airport Maloelap Island Airport Tinak Island Airport
Airok Airport Enijet Airport Kili Island Airport Mejit Island Airport Ujae Island Airport
Amata Kabua Intl Airport Enyu Airfield Airport Kwajalein Airport Mili Island Airport Utirik Island Airport
Arno Airport Ine Island Airport Lae Island Airport Namdrik Island Airport Woja Airport
Aur Island Airport Jabot Airport Likiep Island Airport Namu Airport Wotho Island Airport
Ebadon Airport Jaluit Island Airport Loen Airport Rongelap Island Airport Wotje Island Airport
Ebon Airport        

When Marshall Islands got freedom

the government of the Marshall Island was formally established in 1979. And they finally got independence from the hands of the US govt on 21st October, 1986.

Country famous for

It will be wrong to say that this island is very much blessed with awesome natural resources but there are certain things that you can’t miss while touring here. The coconut water and melons have this island quite popular all over the world.


According to the 2005 census report, Marshal Island has a total population of approximately 61,970.

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Marshall Islands Tourist Attractions:

  • Arno Atoll
  • Laura Beach Park
  • Enoko Island
  • Maloelap Atoll
  • Mieco Beach Yacht Club
  • Kalalin Pass
  • Ebeye Island
  • Peace Park Memorial
  • Alele Museum
  • Bokland Island