Manhattan Skyline View

Manhattan Skyline View is one of the world’s most fascinating skylines that can mesmerize anyone. The era of the sky scraper begun here and it continues to grow.


With the development of the elevator in the 19th century and in collaboration with modern architectural construction techniques the path was illuminated for the development of the modern skyscraper. It is quite understandable that Manhattan Island was the first to take hold of these giant towers as it is the largest city in the country and also it suffers from congestion of being on an island. Businesses had already been mobilized in Manhattan. So it is a great place to stay. All the banking firms along with the New York Stock Exchange transformed Manhattan a destination for business. So with the growth of business and a small land, Manhattan was destined to grow tall.

Manhattan Skyline Views

Segregation of Manhattan Skyline Views

Manhattan Island's skyscrapers are scattered in two regions, the first at the lowest part of downtown in the financial district. This is where the World Trade Center was stationed along with several banks and insurance firms. In the north of the island is Midtown Manhattan where there is next cluster of skyscrapers (the most remarkable being the Empire State Building) which is near to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To a great extent the most densely gathered group of skyscrapers with the Chrysler Building being the most popular of them.

Exclusiveness of Manhattan Skyline View

With the onset, the skyscraper the city embraced a new looks and could be viewed and identified from miles away. The Manhattan skyline view is exclusive because of its thick cluster of tall commercial buildings and also due to two groupings witnessed above. Being situated off of the Long Island Sound gives Manhattan a great setting for artist to create portray and paintings of this great city. Several have made prints so that they could regenerate them for tourists and also create stationary or note cards. The arts pieces of many New York artists can easily be view with a simple Google search hit of Manhattan prints. The astonishing thing about the Manhattan skyline view is that there are so many dimensions and aspects that you can paint from. Most popular are the views from Central Park screening down the tree-lined path to the skyscrapers rising upwards. Manhattan is virtually a destination for artist to create watercolors and prints of their popular city.

Your first tryst with Manhattan skyline views, by day or by night, would be breathtaking. Whether you're an accomplished photographer or simply want to view the city from a peak point of view, here's everything you must know to find the best view of NYC.

The Best Views of Downtown

Let's begin with the free option. From the Station Island Ferry you can have very appealing and clear views of Manhattan's southernmost part and the towering steel turrets of the financial district.

There are two subway stations closely situated – one is South Ferry, on the 1 line (red) and another one is Whitehall Street - South Ferry, on the R and W lines (yellow).

On weekdays, the free ferries start from Manhattan every half hour all through the day and night, excluding between 0630 to 0930 and 1600 to 2000, when there are departures on every 15 to 20 minutes. On weekends the ferries depart after every half hour (on the hour and half hour), throughout the 24 hours. Each trip takes 25 and 30 minutes.

The Great Views of Midtown East and the Upper East Side

Few visitors make it out of the quicksand of Times Square to take a ride of the tramway to Roosevelt Island. The bright red cable cars that soar through the sky take you 4 minutes to reach the slender, runway-length island in the East River.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of Manhattan's stately Upper East Side, you can take in the aerial views of Midtown as you enjoy the movement into the sky.

The Best Views of Downtown and the Lower East Side

Most visitors opt to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but there are a few breathtaking panoramas of Manhattan's south-east edge to be seen by strolling underneath it.

Two parks can be viewed between Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge – one is the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the other one is Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. Get to the F train (orange) to York St, take right path and walk down the hill to the East river. You can find Brooklyn Bridge on to your left, and after that Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park can be viewed.

The Best Views of Downtown and Tribeca

If you start form the E train stop (blue) at the World Trade Center location, it's a short walk west named World Financial Center in Battery City Park. You can see at the riverside the NY Waterway taxis, ferrying visitors around the boroughs and across the Hudson to New Jersey.

The shortest trip can take you to Jersey City. Wallow in the panoramic scenes as you cross pass the river, and come back by water taxi or the nearby PATH train station.

The Best Skyline Views of the Upper East Side and Harlem

Queens is off the radar for several visitors hence most people miss out on a serene view of the city from one of its most fabulous parks.

Get into the N or W line (yellow) to Astoria Blvd and follow the Triboro Bridge 1km west to Astoria Park. The scenes of Eastern Manhattan are classic, framed by the Triboro and Hell Gate Railway bridges.