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Malaysia, a Southeast Asian country that spreads over an area of 329,847 square kilometres, includes thirteen states and three federal territories. Federal constitutional elective monarchy and federal parliamentary democracy prevails in Malaysia.

  • Kuala Lumpur, the largest Malaysian city by area is the capital of the country.
  • Bahasa Malaysia and English are the languages used for official purpose.
  • As per the 2010 estimate, the population rate is 27,565,821. Malaysia occupies the 43rd position among most populated countries.
  • Bordering countries of Malaysia are Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and Brunei.
  • Malaysia is the 66th largest country in the world by total land area.

Malaysia States:

The 13 states of Malaysia include Johor, Kedah, Kelantan, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Penang, Perak, Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak, Selangor and Terengganu.

Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan are the three federal territories of the country.

Malaysia Major Cities:

Kuala Lumpur Subang Jaya, Johor Bahru, Ipoh, Shah Alam, Kuching, Petaling Jaya and Kota Bharu are the major cites of Malaysia.

Islands in Malaysia:

There are 878 islands in Malaysia. The largest among them is Labuan Island. Borneo Island in Malaysia is another major island that spreads over 2500 square kilometres. Other islands include Pulau Sebatik, Pulau Banggi, Pulau Bruit, Pulau Langkawi and Penang Island.

Lakes in Malaysia:

Main lakes in Malaysia include Bera Lake, Chenderoh Lake, Chini Lake, Kenyir Lake, Pedu Lake, Putrajaya Lake and Temenggor Lake.

Malaysia Mountain Ranges:

Gunung Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia is in Malaysia. It is around 4100 metres high. Other mountain ranges are Bintang Mountains, Crocker Range, Hose Mountains, Kelabit Highlands and Trus Madi Range.

Rivers in Malaysia:

Jelai River, Kolok River, Linggi River and Sungai Pahang are the major rivers that wind through Malaysia.

Volcanoes in Malaysia:

Bombalai Hill and Pulau Tiga are the volcanoes in Malaysia.

Caves in Malaysia:

Batu Caves, Mulu Caves, Gomantong Caves, Niah Caves and Deer Cave are the main caves in Malaysia. Among these Mulu Caves is the largest cave system in the world.

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Malaysia Outline Map
Malaysia Outline Map
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Malaysia Political Map
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Malaysia Map
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