Maine Travel Destinations

Maine Destinations

Maine is one of the hot destinations to go to on a holiday. The rocky beaches and the tasty lobster will surely drag you down to the knees. There are said to be many beautiful places which one can witness in Maine. For example the Bar Harbor city is one of the most like places in the state. All the seasons in Maine are pleasant with their own styles of impressing you. Take water sports or mountain trekking, kayaking to canoeing, food fests to candle light dinners, museums to amusement parks - Maine has it all. It is possible for you to get confused as to from where you want to start while travelling in Maine. To help you out, here is the best of Maine which you don’t want to miss.

Coastal Destinations

The coastal area is the best place to be in Maine. There are lots of things in the coastal area which you can enjoy. It is the perfect definition to vacation when you are visiting cities like Bar Harbor, Portland, Old Orchard, Kennebunk etc. The some of the best beaches in the east coast are placed in Maine State. Old Orchard beach is known to be the best beach in the whole of Maine coast. The beautiful sand and the steady tide of the place makes the beach all the more special. The next best place is Bar Harbor. Most of the locals who live in this city consider Acadia National Park and Mount Desert Island also to come under the same city. This is the reason why many tourists get confused. The city is filled with many inns, boutiques, hotels, shops and taverns.

Kennebunk is another travel destination when you want to visit Maine. The best places to visit in Kennebunk are Dock Square, Cape Porpoise and Goose Rocks Beach. Goose Rocks beach is another great place for swimming and water sports. For people who are interested in knowing the historical events and other information, you can visit Brick Store Museum.

Top 5 Maine Travel Destinations

To make your job easy here are the best 5 Maine travel destinations which you would like to visit.


It is the biggest city in Maine. It is the hub of shopping and sightseeing. Apart from this you can also have some high quality food in classy restaurants. For all the party animals there are lots of hot spots in Portland. Many pubs and clubs are available which provide evening entertainment for you.

Old Orchard Beach

The perfect combination of entertainment and beach is how you describe Old Orchard Beach. There are lots of entertainment which will keep you engaged for a warm summer evening.

Moosehead Lake Region

This is a perfect place to catch up with your photographic skills and appreciate some natural beauty. There are many pretty cottages where you can rest your back after the long treks around the region. Mount Katahdin is considered the best place to go for trekking and hiking.


This place is officially for the shopaholics. Here you get every single need of yours. There are some unique boutiques which offer goods which you won’t find anywhere else in the state. Apart from this, you are also provided with excellent dining options and accommodations.

Bar Harbor

As mentioned above, Bar Harbor is the biggest tourist attractor.  The Acadia National Park is one of the best places to go to when you are in this city. Any kind of tourist is compelled to appreciate the rocky beaches that stretch along the city. It would be a thrilling experience when you walk along the beach when the sun is dying!