Maine Transportation Cabinet

Maine Transportation Cabinet

In 1941, Maine Legislature started an agency where it took care of all the transportation development in Maine State. It was called as Maine Turnpike Authority. This authority was responsible for building the highways of Maine in the early stages of the agency. In the course of time it has started many major projects in Maine which are now considered to be the stepping stones of development in Maine. It has been more than 60 years that the agency has been established and now it is the biggest construction agency when in terms of constructing roads, bridges etc.

Some of the well known project which were taken up by this agency are

  • The toll superhighway was one of the first projects taken up by this agency.
  • It is the pioneer in building 4 lane roads.
  • It is known to build safe, swift and efficient highways.
  • There are many major highways which it has built over the years. It has built a 66 mile highway to the capitol of Maine which is Augusta.

Mission of Maine Turnpike is to keep up with the goals and objectives it has set for itself.

  • To administer a top quality road services in Maine. It wants to be the medium between the Maine Department of Transportation and the rest of the United States.
  • To take extreme measures to improve and maintain the road services in Maine.  
  • To provide affective traffic movement and give more important on safety of the drivers.
  • To be economical and use the most reasonable price to complete the projects.
  • To use the profits of the Maine Turnpike Authority to build partnerships with other organizations which will help the Maine transportation.
  • To improve the corridor development.
  • To abide by the rules of local, regional, state and federal policies.
  • To be considerate towards the Maine’s environmental awareness.

The transportation department of Maine is ready to expand its work into finer aspects of the state. It has collaborated with Maine DOT to maintain the standards of the transportation as well as keep a check on the environmental issues. These are some of the projects which are down the pipeline which Maine Transportation Cabinet is ready to take up.

  • Construction project of Ellsworth route 1A
  • I-295 Greater Portland Interstate project
  • Bangor Area bridges
  • Veterans Memorial bridge replacement
  • 2010 maintenance surface treatment program