Maine Honeymoon Cabins, Resorts, Getaways

Maine Honeymoon Cabins, Resorts, Getaways

With the rocky beaches and the hilly regions Maine proves to be the perfect honeymoon destination for newlyweds. It gives the perfect background for a romantic vacation with your better half. There are many places in Maine which will make your dream honeymoon come true. The year round open resorts and beach houses are the best accommodation which you will be looking out for. Here is a list provided which gives you the names of top class hotels.

Oakland Houses

One of the best getaways of Maine it is. Oakland is one of the best resorts and getaways. It is cozy and gives you a very homely feeling. Eggemoggin Reach shore is the best place to laze around when you are around Oakland houses. They have various cottages single bedroom, double bedroom and luxury suites. For recreational activities also there are lots of them on site. There are ample numbers of activities which you can do around the Blue Hill Peninsula.   

The Cozy Moose

The Cozy Moose lake resorts are another heavenly destination for honeymoon couples.  It has a very special lodging system. It is situated in Greenville, Maine.  Mostly it is adventurous where couple who like going around the place would like it. It overlooks the Moosehead Lake which makes the place all the more scenic.

Gale Gardens Guest House

This guest house is situated in Bar Harbor. It is made of wooden cabins which give a very natural look to the cottage. The best part of the cottage is that it allows pets into the guest house along with you. This is a very special thing as some of the couples are very attached to their pets and would like them to be a part of their vacation.

Lakeside Cedar Cabins

These cabins are naturally beautiful cabins which are situated near Grahams Lake. It is just 6 miles away from Ellsworth. Another aspect is, it is another 25 miles far from Acadia National Park. The tall pines and the pebble beach give a soothing effect to your evening. There are lots of shopping you can do in and around the place.

Penury Hall

Penury hall is one of the oldest camping sites in Maine. It is a historic construction which is built way back in 1830. It is located near the Mt. Desert Island. It is said that Penury Hall is on the quieter side of the Mt. Desert Island. It is close by to the Acadia National Park and this makes the place more adventurous and a thrilling experience.

Beaver Cove Camps

Beaver Cove camps are the most natural camps you can visit in Maine. They do not provide any kind of technology when you are in this camp. You have to bring your own radios and T.Vs. Along with these you also have to bring your own soap, scrub pad, paper products and other miscellaneous accessories.

Beaver Cove Camps

  1. Casco Bay, Maine Romantic Getaway
  2. ME Weekend Getaway
  3. Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, & Bar Harbor
  4. Acadia National Park Scenic Drive
  5. The Coast of Maine
  6. Maine Travel Info by Rough Guides Weekend Getaway
  7. Sebago Lake
  8. Sebago Lake State Park Campground Camping
  9. Portland, Freeport, Brunswick
  10. Portland, Maine Weekend Getaway
  11. Coastal Maine, Penobscot Peninsula Scenic Drive
  12. Mid-Coast Scenic Drive Scenic Drive
  13. Isle au Haut Light
  14. Lake Umbagog and Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge Weekend Getaway
  15. The Lower Coast
  16. Kennebunk and the Kennebunkport Area Family Vacation
  17. Monhegan Village, Monhegan Island Weekend Getaway
  18. Acadia National Park Scenic Drive Scenic Drive
  19. Southwest Coast of Maine Romantic Getaway

Maine Honeymoons & Romantic Getaways

  • Honeymoon by the Beach
  • Bar Harbor Inn
  • Cliff House Resort & Spa
  • Maine Coast and Harbors Cruise
  • Ocean Walk
  • Pomegranate Inn
  • Portland Harbor Hotel
  • Stage Neck Inn
  • Samoset Resort Hotel
  • Village Cove Inn
  • White Barn Inn
  • York Harbor Inn