Louisiana Travel Destinations

Louisiana Travel Destinations

Louisiana offers something for everyone and that makes it pretty popular for destinations. The state itself is popular for the two big cities - New Orleans and for Baton Rouge. New Orleans came into the spot light with the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. However, even today, as the rehabilitation work continues, tourists are back to visiting the state, given that it is a critical piece of the state’s economy.

Regions in Louisiana

There are many options for people looking to travel to Louisiana. They can pick from the following regions:

  1. Greater New Orleans
  2. Acadiana
  3. Central Louisiana
  4. Florida Parishes
  5. North Louisiana

Cities of Louisiana

The most popular cities of Louisiana are New Orleans and Baton Rouge. They are visited by many thousands of tourists on a regular basis.

New Orleans

New Orleans Coordinates: 29°57′53″N 90°4′14″W
New Orleans Country  United States
New Orleans State  Louisiana
New Orleans Parish Orleans
New Orleans Founded 1718
New Orleans Government
 - Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D)
New Orleans Area
 - City and Parish 350.2 sq mi (907 km2)
 - Land 180.6 sq mi (467.6 km2)
 - Water 169.7 sq mi (439.4 km2)
 - Metro 3,755.2 sq mi (9,726.6 km2)
New Orleans Elevation -6.5 to 20 ft (-2 to 6 m)
New Orleans Population (2008)
 - City and Parish 336,644
 - Density 2,518/sq mi (973/km2)
 - Metro 1,235,650(2,009)
 - Demonym New Orleanian
New Orleans Time Zone CST (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
New Orleans Area Code(s) 504
New Orleans Website cityofno.com

The city of New Orleans has been split up into many different districts. These districts are as follows:

  1. French Quarter
  2. Central Business District
  3. Faubourg Marigny
  4. Treme
  5. Mid-City and Esplanade Ridge
  6. Uptown
  7. Carrollton
  8. Algiers
  9. Lakeview and Lakefront
  10. Eastern New Orleans
  11. Lower 9th Ward
  12. Central City

While in New Orleans, there are many things that a tourist could do:

  1. Historic Neighborhood: It’s a good idea to stroll around and look at the businesses and architecture.

  2. Streetcar rides: They are at St. Charles Avenue and is of historic value

  3. Riverboat cruises: You can pick between long or short cruises and have some great music on-board.

  4. River ferries: This is a cheaper option than riverboats and some are even free. You can catch a great view of the downtown from the water.

  5. Walking tours: These are very popular and are available in different districts.

  6. Bicycle tours: They’re good to go and understand the extent to which the hurricane damaged the city. They can be done individually or in groups - whatever suits your needs and fancy.

  7. Gambling and Casinos: In the Central Business district, right next to the quarter is a place called ‘Harrah’s.’ This casino is considered to be world class and offers over a thousand different games and more than 2000 slots. They also offer an all day long buffet where you can eat all you want, apart from other available eating options.

  8. Antique Shopping: Louisiana is considered to be a great plan to show for antiques. They’re available everywhere, but are specifically good at Royal Street in the the Quarter of the Business District, or at Magazine Street.

Baton Rouge

Coordinates: 30°27′29″N 91°8′25″W
Baton Rouge Country United States
Baton Rouge State  Louisiana
Baton Rouge Parish East Baton Rouge Parish
Baton Rouge Founded 1699
Baton Rouge Incorporated 16 January 1817
Baton Rouge Government
 - Mayor Melvin "Kip" Holden (D)
Baton Rouge Area
 - City 79.1 sq mi (204.8 km2)
 - Land 76.8 sq mi (198.9 km2)
 - Water 2.2 sq mi (5.7 km2)  2.81%
Baton Rouge Elevation 46 ft (14 m)
Baton Rouge Population (2007)
 - City 229,553
 - Density 2,964.7/sq mi (1,144.8/km2)
 - Metro 774,327
Baton Rouge Time zone CST (UTC-6)
 - Summer (DST) CDT (UTC-5)
Baton Rouge Area Code(s) 225
Baton Rouge Website http://www.brgov.com

While in Baton Rouge there are many things that a tourist could do:

  1. Swine Palace Productions: This theatre was at first brought together for judging livestock. However, the Swine Palace is today used by one of the most professional and premier theatre companies of Baton Rouge. They are the Reilly Theatre.

  2. Shaw Center for the Arts: This arts center is located in downtown Baton Rouge and is the city’s latest offering in arts.

  3. Blue Bayou Water Park/Dixie Landin’: This is a popular amusement park that is located just outside the town. The most popular ride is the ‘Conja.’